We Are Moving To…

The secret is out! We are heading back Stateside (permanently) in just a few short weeks. Trying to coordinate and prep for this move might as well be a military operation. The number of checklists, excel sheets, insurance paperwork, and to-do-lists I have started is remarkable. It was challenging enough planning to move to Belgium when I only had to worry about myself, but now with Mark it is a totally different situation. So… where are we headed….


So it is all swimming pools & golf courses for us!  But seriously, all you Texas mamas we need to talk! My husband and I will be looking to (quickly) purchase our first home in the greater Houston area. I think we have our search narrowed down to a pretty much The Woodlands/Spring area. If any of you are from the greater Spring area and want to chat,  I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts!

As for now, I’ll be here, with my 3485920 cups of coffee trying to label and organize everything we own. It is quite a task trying to figure out what needs to be packed in our limited number of suitcases and what we can go without for a 5-8 weeks while our belongings make the trek across the Atlantic by boat. Oh the joys of a transatlantic move!

But in all seriousness, we are so excited to start the next chapter of our lives. Antwerp will always hold such a special spot in our hearts – it was the first place Brett and I lived together, we traveled to so many unbelievable countries & cities, and most importantly, we welcomed our little one. As special as this city is, we are so ready for our next adventure. Cue excitement and stress!

T-minus just a few more weeks until we are wheels up!

xo, Em.


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