The Belgium Baby Spa

A spa exclusively for babies under 6 months old seemed rather crazy the first time I heard about it. But being up for new experiences, I knew we had to give it a try & I am so happy we did. We took Mark for the first time around 12 weeks old and just snuck in another visit before he is “too old”. Can someone please explain to me how my 6 month old is “too old” for anything?!


For those wondering, what is a “baby” spa experience, let me explain.

We headed to Precho Baby Spa, located in Antwerp, for Mark’s swimming & massage session. All babies must be under 6 months old to participate. The session includes about 30 minutes of swimming in a private pool followed by a 15 minute baby massage. The babies wear a floating ring around their neck so they can freely move in their individual pool and are supervised by both the staff and their parents.

Mark’s initial trip to the Baby Spa was his first proper swimming experience. While it took him some time to warm up to the concept of swimming, by the end he was moving all over the place and loving it. Knowing Mark enjoys being in the water, we were expecting him to be all about his second “spa” experience. Turns out, the reason they stop at 6 months is because the babies are much more aware and many do not like the neck ring. With Mark approaching 6 months at the time of our visit, he initially was not a fan. Thankfully once he was in the water, he quickly started enjoying the experience. Mark spent his session floating around,  splashing with his toes, and chasing a little blue rubber duck! After a tiring swim, we wrapped up the appointment with a relax baby massage!




I sometimes feel a bit guilty not having a proper tub in our apartment for Mark to splash around in, so I’m glad he had one last proper swim in Belgium. It definitely helped with some of the mommy guilt :). And thankfully, this little nugget will be heading state side in less than a week where he will have lots of opportunities to splash around in a real bath tub & swim in a big pool!


xo, Em.

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