My Eight Favorites At Eight Month Olds

Tomorrow, Mark will officially be earth-side longer than he was on the inside. 38 weeks and 1 day. It seems like a lifetime ago this fiesty ball of energy was first placed in my arms. And yet, I can still flashback to that day like it was yesterday. Time is an interesting thing.  The saying “the days are long and the years short” is so true in mom life.

I’ve done my best to enjoy every stage with Mark. We were fortunate he was a relatively easy newborn (although we had nothing to compare him to lol) and we fell into a routine quickly. In my “prior life” I worked at Goldman Sacks and IBM where I learned to thrive on very little sleep. Who would have thought my career days best prepared me for the first few weeks of motherhood. Somedays, I do wish we could go back to the newborn stage when Mark would cuddle in our arms for hours. But most days,  I love watching Mark explore the world with his ever growing mobility, having our cute conversations, & learning more about my little guy.  So, in honor of my eight month munchkin, here are my eight favorite things about him these days!

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Packing Prep with our Tiny Traveler

We have quite the tiny traveller on our hands over here. Mark has been to seven countries, on nine flights (including three transatlantic ones!), on a few train rides, and even a boat ride! He got his passport at 2 weeks old and even has Global Entry. We are currently heading on Mark’s fifth big trip! Needless to say, we’ve had some practice in prepping for trips with our little one. Brett and I take notes from each trip regarding what worked & what didn’t and it helps us better prep for our next adventure. Today I’m sharing some of our tips for how we prepare for traveling with our little one. 

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The Number One Thing I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom

When we welcomed our baby boy, Mark, it was hard to imagine how he would impact our lives. I was certain he would, but not sure in what ways. As I sit here looking at my almost five month old, I find myself reflecting on how much he has already taught me. Mark has brought us more love, joy, & happiness then we could have ever imagined. But the number one thing he has taught me is to appreciate the moment.

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