Favorite Finds: Shopping Steals for Baby

It’s officially the best shopping week of the year, well in my mind at least! Even though we are on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and won’t be visiting any actual stores, I am most certainly taking advantage of all the online sales. Having a growing baby means we are constantly needing new clothing for Mark & with our first home on the horizon, we have quite a long list of planned purchases. Thankfully, we have the best parents who are graciously storing all of our shopping finds until we are back Stateside so we are able to take advantage of Black Friday sales. If you are looking for any steals on baby gear, baby apparel, or other odds and ends see what I have picked up so far & what I plan to grab later this week! Happy shopping 🙂 

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Mark’s First Christmas: Holiday Gift Guide

We are oh so excited for Mark’s First Christmas in just a few weeks! We will be heading back to the US to celebrate with our extended families and have timed planned in both Texas and New Jersey (bringing Mark’s total flights to 18 in 9 months.. yikes!).  While we are thrilled to be spending the holiday at our parents, I can not wait for next year when we can decorate and host! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and it’s so hard not decorating our apartment as we are gone for most of December.  We have totally already called hosting Christmas for the family in 2018 and I can’t wait!!

As this is Mark’s First Christmas, Brett and I chatted how we wanted to handle holiday gift giving. We wanted a rough plan for how we would gift not only for this year, but also in future years (with potentially more littles running around!). So, in addition to setting a budget, we decided on the  “something you want”, “something you need”, “something to wear”, & “something to read”! And of course, some fun little stocking stuffers! My mom always gave my sister and I an ornament that represented our year and I plan to carry on that tradition for Mark & our family.  Of course, as Mark can’t request anything this year, we will be making his gift selections. So, what is on Mark’s Christmas List? Check out our Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide below! 

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Mark’s Medicine Cabinet

When Mark got the stomach flu I realized our medicine cabinet was not adequately stocked for baby. We of course had an infant fever-reducer / pain-killer on hand, but that was really the only “medicine” we had. After our trip to urgent care, we realized we needed to stock up on a few more staples to have on hand incase Mark came down with a stomach virus or any other illnesses that required home treatment. So as we enter cold & flu season, I’m sharing what’s in Mark’s nursery medicine cabinet.

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Baby’s First Bite Essentials

Our food journey has just begun and I am already so happy with the supplies we gathered for our baby’s first bite! Before we picked up our feeding essentials. Brett and I spent time deciding on our solid food approach. We decided to give Baby-Led Weaning a go but remained completely open to switching to spoon feeding if Mark didn’t take to it. Thankfully he has – with great success – and I am so happy we gave this feeding style a go!

For those of you unfamiliar with Baby-Led Weaning, it involves allowing your child to feed themselves the same “real” food you eat around 6 months old. You skip the pureed spoon feeding entirely and jump straight into real “finger” food. Needless to say, letting a 6 month old feed themselves is messy, VERY messy. Typically we have Mark eat naked (unless it is a “non-messy” snack) and dinner time is followed immediately with bath time. Below I’ve rounded up our must have gear essentials for BLW with a 6 month old! 

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Baby Gear: Our Favorite Four Items

I spent many months researching baby products and prepping for our little one. As a first time mom, all I could do was hope what we picked would be enjoyed by Mark & actually useful. With thousands of baby products on the market, it can be hard to tell what products will work. I relied heavily on reviews, blogs, and forums when narrowing down my list of purchases. I also tried my best to follow a responsible consumerism mindset, paying for products that would simplify our lives and benefit our little one even when that meant going with a more expensive option. After 20+ weeks of testing, using, and reviewing our baby products, I’ve rounded up our four favorites “big ticket” items! 

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