Our Christmas Card Photoshoot

Christmas card picture 2017, check! It only took 170 pictures to find one we love, but we got one! A huge success with an 8 month old & a picky mama if I do say so myself. While we could have easily picked one of the 23984032 pictures of Mark I have for the card, I was pretty set on all of us wearing our matching Irish sweaters in our first family Christmas card. I previously mentioned how Brett & I picked up these matching Aran sweaters in Dublin last year and how we saw the matching baby cardigan and I couldn’t bring myself to buy it as I was worried I would jinx us! We had just started talking about having a baby and I felt odd buying something for a little one we didn’t have yet. Thankfully, our dear friends went to Dublin after Mark was born & were able to grab us one. So, while it wasn’t the first purchase we made for Mark, this sweater was the first thing I ever envisioned our little one in. 

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