Our Must Have Newborn Products

With Mark now nine months old, we have pretty much transitioned out of all our newborn products and are rapidly entering the world of toddler toys & gear. When I was pregnant last year, I read what felt like hundreds of blogs and articles trying to figure out what the best baby products were and which ones we “needed”. As those blogs and articles were invaluable to me, I wanted to share my experience with all the other mama’s to be out there. And since I already have a serious case of mom brain some days, I figured this would be a valuable resource when we have more littles in the years to come. Some days mom life is a blur, so I figure it was best to document it all before I forget ๐Ÿ™‚

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Cold Weather Favorites for Baby

With the days becoming ever shorter and the temperatures dropping more & more by the day, we are in winter prep mood here. Antwerp’s climate is fairly similar to Amsterdam, very damp & chilly but minimal snow. We pretty much stay between 30-40 all winter long. So while it isn’t “oh my gosh I can’t breath” freezing like other parts of the world (I spent a winter in Minnesota YIKES!) it is definitely cold enough that we need the right gear to keep Mark warm.

Living in the city center means we do lots of walking outside, even in cold weather. We either use our carrier or stroller to run most of our errands, like the grocery store, the pharmacy, shopping, and some play groups. Needless to say, keeping Mark cozy in cool damp weather is a must. I’ve rounded up our five favorite staples for those heading outdoors with little ones in damp cool climates.

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The Best Baby Socks

Baby socks may seem like an odd thing to blog about, but these socks are gold. Would you believe me if I said we have NEVER lost a sock?! Would you believe Mark has been wearing the same pairs of socks since he was born and they still fit great?! Well it’s true everyone! I think I have found THE best (and only) baby socks you’ll ever need and everyone should know about them!ย 

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Favorite Fall Finds for Baby

We’ve returned to Belgium and oh boy, it is chilly! We had our first glimpse of Fall last week in New Jersey, but Belgium is on a whole other level. I spent yesterday unpacking and formally swapping Mark’s wardrobe. Bye bye shorts & summer coveralls, hello pullovers, comfy joggers, and sweater rompers.

While back in the US, I spent some time picking up a few more fall essentials for Mark. While there are a number of UK and Belgium stores we adore, there are a few US brands I miss too much not to stock up on when we are stateside. Looking at all of Mark’s fall clothing from Europe & the US, I find myself a bit jealous of his adorable wardrobe ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I’ve decided to share my top ten favorite pieces in Mark’s fall closet!

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Nugget’s Nursery Tour

Our nugget’s nursery is definitely my favorite room in our little apartment. I love its clean design with subtle hints of blue. Not to mention it has the best natural light with those oversized windows looking into the courtyard. It is such a bright happy space ๐Ÿ™‚

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Baby’s First Bite Essentials

Our food journey has just begun and I am already so happy with the supplies we gathered for our baby’s first bite! Before we picked up our feeding essentials. Brett and I spent time deciding on our solid food approach. We decided to give Baby-Led Weaning a go but remained completely open to switching to spoon feeding if Mark didn’t take to it. Thankfully he has – with great success – and I am so happy we gave this feeding style a go!

For those of you unfamiliar with Baby-Led Weaning, it involves allowing your child to feed themselves the same “real” food you eat around 6 months old. You skip the pureed spoon feeding entirely and jump straight into real “finger” food. Needless to say, letting a 6 month old feed themselves is messy, VERY messy. Typically we have Mark eat naked (unless it is a “non-messy” snack) and dinner time is followed immediately with bath time. Below I’ve rounded up our must have gear essentials for BLW with a 6 month old!ย 

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The Softest Cotton Blankets

How did I not know about the brand Magnolia Baby when I was shopping for Mark? I can’t believe these super soft cotton products were not on my radar. Never again will I make that mistake. Thankfully, we were gifted a Magnolia Baby Blanket and I immediately fell in love (and ordered a bunch more!). With the most adorable prints, a touch of beautiful embroidery, and super soft double layered cotton, these are a winner.

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Baby Gear: Our Favorite Four Items

I spent many months researching baby products and prepping for our little one. As a first time mom, all I could do was hope what we picked would be enjoyed by Mark & actually useful. With thousands of baby products on the market, it can be hard to tell what products will work. I relied heavily on reviews, blogs, and forums when narrowing down my list of purchases. I also tried my best to follow a responsible consumerism mindset, paying for products that would simplify our lives and benefit our little one even when that meant going with a more expensive option. After 20+ weeks of testing, using, and reviewing our baby products, I’ve rounded up our four favorites “big ticket” items!ย 

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