Mark’s First Thanksgiving

My little souschef & I cooked up a perfect Thanksgiving feast for our family of three to celebrate Mark’s first turkey day. Living abroad is a bit harder then usual around the holidays. Thanksgiving, which obviously isn’t celebrated here, is probably one of the hardest. With Brett at work all day, being apart from our families, & no turkeys available at the grocery store, yesterday was just a regular day in Belgium. But, given how much we have to be thankful for this year, I knew we had to properly celebrate the holiday. And of course, Mark’s baby book as a spot for Baby’s First Thanksgiving so I needed to properly document the occasion! So, Mark and I spent the day making a traditional feast (sans the big turkey) and had so much fun in the process. 

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Mark’s Meals: Favorite Foods at 7 months

Mark’s first foods are happening here! Mark got his first proper taste of solid foods over 6 weeks ago and we’ve been on such a fun journey ever since. When we started solids at 6 months simple things like cucumber sticks, rice cakes and peanut butter, peach slices, and roasted carrot sticks were enough to keep him engaged. As our little guy has become more interested in food, I’ve been stepping up his meals and whipping up more interesting things in the kitchen. It’s so fun watching him try new things!

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Baby’s First Bite Essentials

Our food journey has just begun and I am already so happy with the supplies we gathered for our baby’s first bite! Before we picked up our feeding essentials. Brett and I spent time deciding on our solid food approach. We decided to give Baby-Led Weaning a go but remained completely open to switching to spoon feeding if Mark didn’t take to it. Thankfully he has – with great success – and I am so happy we gave this feeding style a go!

For those of you unfamiliar with Baby-Led Weaning, it involves allowing your child to feed themselves the same “real” food you eat around 6 months old. You skip the pureed spoon feeding entirely and jump straight into real “finger” food. Needless to say, letting a 6 month old feed themselves is messy, VERY messy. Typically we have Mark eat naked (unless it is a “non-messy” snack) and dinner time is followed immediately with bath time. Below I’ve rounded up our must have gear essentials for BLW with a 6 month old! 

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