Mark’s 9 Month Update

NINE MONTHS.  Three-quarters of a year old. It is scary how close we are to this munchkin turning one! Of course, I am already in first birthday panic mode primarily because we will be moving early next year and I am not sure what our living situation will be in early March. Of course, I’m determined to make it memorable one way or another!  Mark has become so much more independent this past month. He is speed crawling, pulling up, cruising, and standing unsupported for a few seconds. He has figured out how to gracefully transitioning from cruising to standing back to crawling and I am certain he will be walking way to soon. He has learned so many new sounds and babbles all the time. He loves playing with his toys and banging everything together and making music. I have a feeling this month will be the best yet. We can not wait to celebrate Mark’s first Christmas and spend the holidays with our family and friends. But before that, here is a recap of life with our 9 month munchkin! 

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