Mark’s 10 Month Update

TEN MONTHS.  We are officially into double digits! And the countdown is most definitely on until Mark turns one.  We had so much fun this past month celebrating Mark’s first Christmas, visiting lots of family & friends, and finalizing some of our move back to the US. And if that wasn’t enough craziness for us, Mark decided to start WALKING! I swear he is way too tiny to be walking! Our little mister took his first unassisted steps just after turning 9 months but it took him a few weeks to build up the courage to really start walking. Now, he just goes goes goes! And it looks like I’ll be spending most of my time chasing after him & grabbing all the sharp corners for the foreseeable future lol. While he is walking, he definitely still gets distracted and tumbles all over the place. Mark has also learned some fun new “tricks” like waving hi & putting his “hands up”. His sounds continue to grow and he is in the stage where he loves mimicking the sounds we make and things we do. He continues to love having all the attention on him but we have also made great strides with Mark enjoying independent play. It is crazy to think in just a few short weeks we will be permanently back stateside! But before that, a quick recap with our 10 month munchkin! 

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