Swim Essentials for Water Babies

It may officially be fall, but we are still pretending it is summertime and sneaking in all the summer activities we can. Granted, it isn’t difficult considering we are currently in Houston where it has been in the nineties everyday! With all the heat, we are spending tons of time in the pool. We are so lucky that Mark seems to loves the water as much as we do. He’s gone swimming a bunch and he seem to love it more each time!

It took us some time to figure out what pool products worked best for Mark.  went through a number of products before finding our favorite pool essentials for Mark. We needed things that worked for his first pool outing around 16 weeks old but as we had a number of swim sessions planned, wanted things that would last a few months. We’ve been thrilled with our items so I’m sharing our checklist below! Be sure to check it out if you are planning any pool time with your little one. 





Swim Essentials Checklist:

  • Rubber Pants – I had never heard of rubber pants before our first holiday in Monaco. Turns out, many pools in Europe require infants in swim diapers to also wear rubber pants. We picked up these and love them. We pop them on over a disposable swim diaper and can swim worry free of any accidents. They also come in super cute prints so we sometimes skip the swim shorts and just wear these.
  • SPF Rash Guard – The best rash guards are from Primary. They are available in great solid colors, are a great price, and the quarter zip makes it easy to get on and off – even when wet. They run fairly true to size. Mark is 6.5 months and about 18 pounds and still is wearing the 0-6 months but I imagine he will size up in the coming month.
  • Infant Sunscreen – We were able to pick up a mineral organic 0+ months sunscreen which we use “just in case”. We always try to keep Mark in the shade and under SPF apparel but this adds peace of mine.
  • SPF Swim Hat – I am still in search of a perfect swim hat. We are currently using this which works well, but I would love any recommendations if anyone has a better one!
  • Infant Floatie – We love this one. We tried others and found they were either too deep or too big for a 3-6 month old.  I imagine the one we have will work great for Mark’s first year.
  • Bathing Suit Shorts – We love these, and these, and these too!
  • Waterproof Camera – With how cute babies are in the pool you’ll be wanting to take all the pictures. We love this waterproof point & shoot camera for capturing our underwater & swimming pics.

What are your swimming must haves for little ones?



xo, Em.

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