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Having a baby abroad (or far away from family) certainly has its challenges. As soon as we found out we were expecting, I started searching for an easy way to stay connected to friends and family. I wanted to avoid forcing family members to join social media platforms and I knew there had to be a better solution then emailing photos all day long. I am so thankful I stumbled upon the app Tinybeans. Tinybeans allows me to easily share photos & videos of Mark with those who love the daily “baby spam”.

So what is Tinybeans?

Tinybeans is an online baby journal which allows you to share media of your little one(s) with family & friends you invite to your personal journal. Invited guests can view photos on the App/website directly or can opt to receive a daily email of the media posted.

How does it work?

Every time you post a picture (or video, milestone, or text) it is organized on your Tinybeans calendar. You have the option to add a caption or achievement to each piece of media posted.

Once posted, those you have invited can view and react to each post. Similar to Instagram, invited guests can comment and/or like each post.

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My favorite features!

  • I love how Tinybeans keeps all of our pictures organized by date on the calendar. It is so fun looking back and seeing how much our little guy has grown.
  • It provides the perfect space for the few people (cue parents & grandparents) in our life who want to see all 10,000 pictures of our boy without having to spam social media sites or individually email pictures to multiple people.
  • The email option is ideal for those less tech savy or desire a weekly recap.
  • It is free to use with the ability to upgrade for premium features. We started off using the free version and once we realized how well it worked for us, we decided to upgrade. The premium (paid) version allows you to post longer videos & upload multiple images at once (instead of one at a time).


Want to give Tinybeans a try? Create an account for free here or download from the App store!

xo, Em

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