Splish Splash: Our Bath Time Routine

Bath time is one of our favorite parts of the day. Mark loves all forms of water so it isn’t surprising he is a big fan of bath time. He loves getting to splash about and kick kick kick. Recently, he has really been packing a punch with his kicks and we find ourself soaked 🙂 Since starting Baby Led Weaning, bath time follows Mark’s dinner as he is typically a hot mess from feeding himself. We do our best to bathe him daily but admittedly have the occasional “skip day”. We’ve been following the same bath time routine since the day Mark was born and make sure we use the same products whether we are at home or on the road.

I absolutely love Mark’s bath products. After reading the great reviews, I stocked up on Tubby Todd bath essentials before Mark was born. We have exclusively used these (we even brought them to the hospital!) and Mark’s skin has never had a single problem or any irritations. In fact, they are such a hit in our household I now buy them for our whole family. The smell is divine and they lather great, even in hard water. We also use this natural sponge which is so soft on Mark’s skin.



We like to lather Mark up before dropping him in the tub to make sure he is squeaky clean. Once in the water, we quickly rinse him off and then give him ample time to play. We like these bath toys but are on the look out for more, so if you have any favorites I’d love to hear them. This usually lasts about 5 minutes but we watch for his cues if he wants to play longer or get out sooner.

We use this tub insert when bathing Mark in a “real bathtub” and this insert for sink baths. We’ve loved giving Mark sink baths but it looks like he has nearly outgrown our apartment kitchen sink. As our Belgium place doesn’t have a proper tub, we picked up this collapsible bath which we will be transitioning to shortly.  We can’t wait to have a real tub for this kid to splash around in everyday!



After bath time we lightly moisturize the little guy with Tubby Todd lotion and then get him into his pajamas. Our absolute favorites PJs are these and these. After he is all set in his pajamas we give his hair a quick brush with this super soft baby hair brush and then brush his teeth. He loves this tooth brush so after we get his teeth and gums with infant toothpaste, we let him play with it for a few minutes. It also doubles as a teether!

DSC_7958 2


We haven’t been able to tie bath time & bed time together just yet, but it is a work in progress. I suppose we first need to get the little guy on a rough bedtime,  but with all of our travel & time zone changes it has been a bit difficult. It will certainly be a goal for 2018 when we are hopefully a bit more settled. As for now, we will stick with our separate bath time and bed time routines. I’ll be sharing more about Mark’s bedtime routine (or lack their of lol) in the coming weeks. What does your bath / bedtime routine with your little one look like?

xo, Em.

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  1. Lovely photos, he sure looks like he loves bath time! My little man has a bath just before bed. He has a play in the tub first, then a good wash with Johnsons baby top-to-toe. Then we brush his hair, read him a story, have a bottle and straight to bed. I use Johnson’s sensitive touch moisturising lotion in the morning instead because he screams when you take him out the bath until you get his clothes on. So I try to get him dressed as fast as possible!