Looking Back: Mark’s Newborn Photoshoot

I had hoped to start blogging before Mark was born but between pregnancy related exhaustion & his slightly early arrival, needless to say, it never happened. Little did I know in the coming months I would be just as busy. Who knew taking care of such a tiny human required so much time :). Fast forward five months and with a bit of “mommying” under my belt, I finally found the energy & time to start Mama to Mark. As there were a few precious memories from those early weeks, in honor of “Throwback Thursday” I’m sharing Mark’s newborn pictures!

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The Softest Cotton Blankets

How did I not know about the brand Magnolia Baby when I was shopping for Mark? I can’t believe these super soft cotton products were not on my radar. Never again will I make that mistake. Thankfully, we were gifted a Magnolia Baby Blanket and I immediately fell in love (and ordered a bunch more!). With the most adorable prints, a touch of beautiful embroidery, and super soft double layered cotton, these are a winner.

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Baby Gear: Our Favorite Four Items

I spent many months researching baby products and prepping for our little one. As a first time mom, all I could do was hope what we picked would be enjoyed by Mark & actually useful. With thousands of baby products on the market, it can be hard to tell what products will work. I relied heavily on reviews, blogs, and forums when narrowing down my list of purchases. I also tried my best to follow a responsible consumerism mindset, paying for products that would simplify our lives and benefit our little one even when that meant going with a more expensive option. After 20+ weeks of testing, using, and reviewing our baby products, I’ve rounded up our four favorites “big ticket” items! 

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Favorite “First” Teething Toys

Oh the joys of a teething baby. Mark had his first teeth cut this week (his two bottom ones!) and boy has it been an experience.  Mark started displaying signs of teething about 8 weeks ago but it took many weeks before we could see anything under his gums & an additional week for those pearly whites to finally break through.

Needless to say, the past 6 weeks have been filled with Mark jamming everything in his mouth, occasional screaming, a little less sleep, a lot more coffee, and the cutest rosy cheeks. Thankfully, after this experience, I think we finally have a few tricks to help Mark deal with teething in the future. 

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Our Second Anniversary

Two years. I can not believe we are celebrating our second wedding anniversary today!

It seems like just yesterday & forever ago all at the same time. In the past two years we have grown together, travelled the world (okay, well 17 countries), and brought our beautiful baby boy into the world. It is hard to believe how much has changed since that day. I can’t imagine going through this crazy thing called life with anyone else. Happy anniversary to my best friend & one of my favorite people (sorry, you and Mark are now tied for #1 :)). Cheers to many more, I can’t wait to see what year three has in store of us.

And as it wouldn’t be an anniversary without reliving our wedding day though our album, I’m sharing a few of my favorite photos from the day!

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Our Diaper Bag Essentials

Let’s talk diaper bag essentials. I remember the first time I left the house with Mark neurotically reviewing checklists I found online. Did I have everything? What if this happened? Or that? What if, what if, what if. It felt a bit daunting in the beginning and I was definitely WAY over packed. Months later,  I have narrowed our list down to the essentials (aka things we actually use) and am sharing our list with you.

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A Dose of the Amalfi Coast

Picturesque Positano. Ravishing Ravello. Charming Capri. Needless to say, we had an outstanding getaway along the Amalfi Coast this past week. It took a little planning to address the logistics to get our 5 month munchkin to this slightly remote destination, but with a little work we were able to have a wonderful family vacation. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful landscapes I have seen and I am so fortunate our little family had the opportunity to explore & relax in the beauty of these stunning coastal towns. 

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Staying Connected with Tinybeans

Having a baby abroad (or far away from family) certainly has its challenges. As soon as we found out we were expecting, I started searching for an easy way to stay connected to friends and family. I wanted to avoid forcing family members to join social media platforms and I knew there had to be a better solution then emailing photos all day long. I am so thankful I stumbled upon the app Tinybeans. Tinybeans allows me to easily share photos & videos of Mark with those who love the daily “baby spam”.

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Mark’s 5 Month Update!

FIVE MONTHS.  I can not believe how fast time has gone. Next month our munchkin will be half a year old (ah!). I find myself constantly stuck between wanting him to stay little forever and being so excited to watch him grow, learn, & explore. So much has changed this past month so let me recap life with our 5 month munchkin!

Mark is turning into quite a spunky little guy with a personality bigger then he is. He happily demands attention all day long and seems very pleased with himself when he gets his way 🙂 He has the cutest open mouth mega smile and his giggles are too much to handle. Baby boy, I hope you always smile so big. He loves being tickled under his neck and cracks up whenever we say “boom” or “woah”. Mark has really been discovering the world around him; grabbing things he wants, coo-ing & babbling all day long, and following people around a room. He is getting bigger by the day and I can only imagine what pure joy the next few months will be like!

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