Our Must Have Newborn Products

With Mark now nine months old, we have pretty much transitioned out of all our newborn products and are rapidly entering the world of toddler toys & gear. When I was pregnant last year, I read what felt like hundreds of blogs and articles trying to figure out what the best baby products were and which ones we “needed”. As those blogs and articles were invaluable to me, I wanted to share my experience with all the other mama’s to be out there. And since I already have a serious case of mom brain some days, I figured this would be a valuable resource when we have more littles in the years to come. Some days mom life is a blur, so I figure it was best to document it all before I forget 🙂

Of course, every child is unique and while these products worked great for Mark and I, they may not be on everyone’s “must have” list. Here are our top 10 newborn products (and 4 I was surprised we didn’t use very much!)

Our Top Ten..

Kissy Kissy Pajamas. In the first few weeks Mark’s wardrobe consisted of very simple clothing. We had a mix of sleepers but I always found myself putting him in the Kissy Kissy one. It really does have superior softness! For our next, I’ll definitely be adding another 1-2 since that newborn skin deserves super soft cotton all night long.

Dockatot Deluxe. I am so happy we made the investment in this infant sleeper. Mark slept, napped, and relaxed in his Dockatot for the first 6 months. He never took to swaddling, so this provided some extra snugness in the early days. It seemed to soothe him at night and he was sleeping 6 hour stretches by 7 weeks. As it is incredibly portable, it is easy to move around the house and fits in a large checked suitcase! We opted for the solid white so it matched everything, but they recently released some amazing printed covers too!

H&M Footed Pants. Who wants to deal with putting on socks (or shoes) on a newborn? Not me! I didn’t realize H&M carried baby clothing until a friend brought their little one over with these pants on. They are a life saver, made with organic cotton, and priced very affordably. I also found H&M sizing to be more appropriate for newborns. Instead of the traditional Newborn or 0-3 month options, H&M offers 0-1, 1-2, and 2-4 months. This worked MUCH better for Mark in the early months.

Halo Bassinest. This bassinet won my heart as it made breastfeeding at night so so easy. It swivels up to the side of your bed meaning you don’t need to get up, has a nightlight, and perfectly fits a Dockatot 🙂 I loved having Mark close while ensuring he had a safe separate space to sleep. While this one is pricey, if you are planning to breastfeed, I highly recommend a bassinet next to your bed. Anything you can do to snag some extra shut eye is so worth it. Mark slept in this bassinet until he was about 5 months old and we transitioned him to his crib.

Solly Baby Wrap. I started wearing Mark at 9 days old. He loved the closeness and I loved having my hands free. Solly makes their wraps in beautiful colors and patterns to complement any style of wardrobe (you can find a full range of their wraps here). I still occasionally use my Solly wrap with my 9 month munchkin! I am confident when we have our second, being hands-free will be even more important as I chase around Mark 🙂

Covered Goods Nursing/Car Seat Cover. I bought this primarily as a nursing cover but it is so much more. While Europe is very breastfeeding friendly and moms typically don’t cover up, I felt more comfortable using this in the beginning. We also loved popping it over Mark’s car seat to keep people from getting too close to him when we were out and about. Now, we have moved on and are using the cover to cover restaurant high chairs & shopping carts to keep germs away. These covers are so useful you definitely want to pick one up, even if you aren’t planning to nurse.

Jonathon Adler Fisher Price Activity Gym. It may be the most expensive Fisher Price Gym on the market but it is worth it. In addition to looking much better with our home decor, its larger size and stronger supports means it lasts longer. Mark has progressed from simply looking at the toys, to completing tummy time, to kicking & crawling around, to pulling himself up and strengthening his core all on this one toy. We love longer lasting products since some things only seem to be useful for a very short period of time.

Carters Kimono Tops/Bodysuits. These kimono tops snap up the side meaning no pulling a onesie over baby’s head. While Mark didn’t mind shirts going over his head at that age (it is a VERY different story today lol), Brett and I much preferred these tops. For at least 4 weeks Mark lived in these kimono bodysuits + the H&M footed pants. Seriously, they are the best newborn uniform!

Blooming Baby Bath. The sink is the perfect spot to bath a newborn. The blooming bath is a soft insert perfect to protect your little one from coming in contact with the hard surface. We still use this today as our apartment doesn’t have a bath tub! And after bath time you can simply toss it straight into the dryer meaning easy clean up!

Owlet Baby Monitor (not pictured above). A little extra peace of mind every night. The Owlet is a smart sock you slip on your baby’s foot and it tracks their heart rate & oxygen levels throughout the night. Should a level be deemed “unsafe” an alarm goes off. I am able to sleep so much better every night knowing Owlet is keeping an extra eye on our little. The monitor comes with 3 sock sizes ranging from 0 months – 18 months.

And Four Things We Didn’t..

Pacifiers. I have no regrets buying these since I did hope Mark would use one, but he never ended up taking one. We did save them, which turned out to be a good thing as Mark is obsessed with using this one as a teething toy.  

12 Swaddle Blankets. People told us you can never have too many swaddles. Well, when you baby hates being swaddled it actually is possible to have too many. We ended up using these for other things but ideally, we probably needed only 5-6. 

Bottles. I had planned on pumping so Brett could help feed Mark. While Mark took a bottle (with some work) I found it much easier to just breastfed. No clean up, no mess, no prepping to leave the house. Since you never know what will happen, I definitely recommend having a few on hand just in case, but we definitely didn’t need as many as we had.

Tons of baby outfits. Doing laundry in Belgium is a long process. It takes about 5 hours to do one load. I thought I needed to be prepared for lots of spit up and blow outs. However,  Mark ended up being a pretty “clean” baby. We typically went through one day outfit and a single set of PJs each night. In hindsight I would have preferred a few more higher end ideas (like Kissy Kissy) and much less of them.

What are your must have newborn products? Were there any you were shocked you didn’t use?!

xo, Em.

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