Our Little Beach Baby

It has been two weeks since we returned from our US trip and I finally found a free moment to review our second batch of beach photos.  This whole mobile munchkin situation is a game changer. Needless to say, babyproofing quickly moved to the top of our priority list and editing photos hasn’t made the to-do-list until today.  Thankfully, Mark cut his mama a break and took an epic 2-hour siesta this morning and I finally had time to do some “me” things.

We spent our second week in New Jersey with lots of trips to the beach after learning how much Mark loved it. He had a blast playing in the sand (which, I was seriously skeptical about), chasing the waves, and we even brought my parent’s dog with us once. Seriously, puppies and babies on the beach, does life get any better then that? Here are a few favorites from our morning wanders to the shore in Sea Girt! 



Still struggling with a bit of jetlag meant we enjoyed many morning sunrise walks. The sky was so beautiful on this particular day.  We even let Mark dip his toes in the ocean. I wrongly expected him not to enjoy the cool water, but he actually loved it! He had so much fun splish splashing and chasing the waves. It was such a drastic improvement from his first ocean dip in the Mediterranean at 3 months old 🙂 I can’t wait to get this little guy back to the beach next summer!

Version 2


I was most amazed at how much Mark loved playing in the sand. He would actually move himself off the towel to reach the sand and even enjoyed hitting it and having his toes buried. Not to mention he didn’t even try to eat it (major mom win!). I hope his love for the beach continues throughout the year because right now it looks like we will be having a blast during our annual summer trip next year. Sand toys and floaties here we come!




xo, Em.

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