Our Christmas Card Photoshoot

Christmas card picture 2017, check! It only took 170 pictures to find one we love, but we got one! A huge success with an 8 month old & a picky mama if I do say so myself. While we could have easily picked one of the 23984032 pictures of Mark I have for the card, I was pretty set on all of us wearing our matching Irish sweaters in our first family Christmas card. I previously mentioned how Brett & I picked up these matching Aran sweaters in Dublin last year and how we saw the matching baby cardigan and I couldn’t bring myself to buy it as I was worried I would jinx us! We had just started talking about having a baby and I felt odd buying something for a little one we didn’t have yet. Thankfully, our dear friends went to Dublin after Mark was born & were able to grab us one. So, while it wasn’t the first purchase we made for Mark, this sweater was the first thing I ever envisioned our little one in. 

While I love talking photos of Mark, I am by no means, even an amateur photographer. It is a hobby I am loving & I am slowly teaching myself how to shoot in manual on my Nikon. I thought about having professional photos taken for our holiday card, but decided to wait and do them back at my happy place (the beach!) later this year. So, we headed to the park, tripod and all, and with a little set up and a remote shutter release had ourselves a fun little photoshoot! Stay tuned for the actual photo we chose later in December, and for now, enjoy this epic outtakes! Who else spends 95% of their time attempting to get get their little one to crack a smile?!







IMG_2722Outfit Details: Family Sweaters, Mark’s Hat, Mark’s Jeans, Mark’s Shoes

xo, Em.

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