The Number One Thing I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom

When we welcomed our baby boy, Mark, it was hard to imagine how he would impact our lives. I was certain he would, but not sure in what ways. As I sit here looking at my almost five month old, I find myself reflecting on how much he has already taught me. Mark has brought us more love, joy, & happiness then we could have ever imagined. But the number one thing he has taught me is to appreciate the moment.


Prior to motherhood, I loved planning for our next big “thing”. I thrived off of checklists, to-do-lists, & spreadsheets. In the span of 2 years, I jumped from planning our wedding, moving internationally, traveling Europe, right into prepping for our baby boy. The day Mark was placed in my arms, none of that mattered anymore. I didn’t worry what our next adventure would be – we had it, right there in my arms.

Learning to live in the present has made motherhood more enjoyable and fulfilling. Even after challenging days and sleepless nights, I choose to focus on the moment and don’t stress about tomorrow. Everyday I smile, laugh, and play with our boy without a care in the world.  Of course, there are tasks to plan and chores to accomplish, but I have learned to embrace every moment and appreciate all the joy our little one brings to us. He will never be as tiny as he is today, so I cuddle him a little tighter every night.


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xo, Em

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