New Favorites: Teethers & Teething Toys

It’s been one heck of a week for Mark. As if teething FOUR top teeth at the same time wasn’t enough, Mark came down with his first real sickness and earned himself his first trip to urgent care. Thankfully, the little guy is on the mend and we are back to focusing on those pesky little teeth coming through.

Mark appears to be quite the “efficient” teether. His first two teeth cut on the same day and he currently has four top teeth coming through (eek!). While he may be efficient, Mark really hates teething. He keeps us on our toes and it takes a lot of work to figure out how to get him some relief. During our first bout with teething, Mark was only soothed by wooden teethers (you can read about about that here). Of course, during this round of teething Mark has totally changed his preferences and we had to go back to the drawing board. So in case your looking for some new teething options, I’m sharing Mark’s current favorite (soft) teethers!



While Mark only liked wooden teethers when his bottom teeth were coming in, when he chewed on them recently, they seemed to upset him. I wondered if with his bottom teeth already in, if they were hurting those little pearly whites. So we swapped the wooden teethers for some of the teething toys he rejected the first time. Turns out, a few of them were a hit! I’m so glad I didn’t toss them thinking Mark would never use them. I also ended up purchasing a few more natural rubber teethers since Mark started to enjoy biting on a pacifier. If you’ve followed our journey, you may know Mark hates pacifiers (despite us trying like 6 types before giving up) so this was definitely something new! Babies really like to keep you on your toes, don’t they!



Mark’s Favorite Teething Toys [at 7 months for his top teeth]

  • Natursutten Rubber Teether – When I realized Mark was soothed by biting on a pacifier, I immediately ordered this. I didn’t want him associating (pacifier) nipples with biting, so this was the perfect solution. It is made of the exact same material and is easy to attach to a pacifier clip to keep it off the ground when out and about.
  • Hevea Panda Teether – Very similar to the Natursutten but in a cute Panda shape. Mark is able to hold this one a bit better then the star shape.
  • Sophie The Giraffe – Mark finally took an interest in this teething toy we purchased long before he was born! It is softer then the So Pure Teether he liked during the first go and he really enjoys holding it and using the squeaker.
  • JellyCat Whale – The perfect combo of cotton and plastic (not to mention it is adorable!). This toy is great for clipping to the stroller or car seat and gives Mark the option to bite on the softer cotton fabric or the harder plastic rings.
  • Boon Squirt Spoon – I picked this up when we were preparing to start solids for Mark. Since we opted for BLW, I never needed to use this on the go puree feeding spoon but Mark seems to love biting the silicone and plastic. Not to mention it’s dishwasher safe making it so easy to keep clean!
  • Angel Dear Rattle – Another cotton teething rattle. We love that when Mark tosses or bops us with this one it doesn’t hurt 🙂
  • Crochet Knit Whale – Our family friend made Mark an adorable crocheted whale. While I wanted to keep it “nice”, Mark really found it to be ultra soothing. I think the tight soft knit made it an ideal biting toy!



While I am hoping for a long break before our next round of teething (sleepless nights are no fun!), I think we are all set to handle any of Mark’s potential teething needs. Between the wooden, rubber, and cotton toys we have on hand, I imagine we have everything the little guy may need. It is crazy to think how their preferences can change so drastically from one month to the next!

xo, Em.

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