My Eight Favorites At Eight Month Olds

Tomorrow, Mark will officially be earth-side longer than he was on the inside. 38 weeks and 1 day. It seems like a lifetime ago this fiesty ball of energy was first placed in my arms. And yet, I can still flashback to that day like it was yesterday. Time is an interesting thing.  The saying “the days are long and the years short” is so true in mom life.

I’ve done my best to enjoy every stage with Mark. We were fortunate he was a relatively easy newborn (although we had nothing to compare him to lol) and we fell into a routine quickly. In my “prior life” I worked at Goldman Sacks and IBM where I learned to thrive on very little sleep. Who would have thought my career days best prepared me for the first few weeks of motherhood. Somedays, I do wish we could go back to the newborn stage when Mark would cuddle in our arms for hours. But most days,  I love watching Mark explore the world with his ever growing mobility, having our cute conversations, & learning more about my little guy.  So, in honor of my eight month munchkin, here are my eight favorite things about him these days!

Our morning chats. A goodnight sleep makes for one happy baby in the morning. With coffee in hand, Mark and I head straight to his play mat for our “catch up” session. It is too adorable listening to Mark respond to my questions with chirps and coos. He recently started to shake his head “noo” and it melts my heart. He knows it make us laugh and I swear he keeps shaking his head until someone cracks a smile.

His “grown up” baby clothing. This is such a silly one. But, after months of only dressing Mark in onesies and leggings, I am way to excited about pullovers, real shirts, & jeans. Seriously, quarter zip sweaters & dark denim are my new favorite thing on Mark. We occasionally dressed Mark up when he was little, but these items are so much more practical these days and I love it!

His excitement to see his dad.  A few weeks ago Mark started getting soo excited to see Brett when he gets home from work. The second he hears the door unlocking he immediately bolts for the hallway. Like any baby, Mark was a mama’s boy for the first few months seeing as dad lacked the whole boob thing lol. And while I loved Mark always wanting me, it is so nice to see him so happy to be reunited with his dad. And I know it means so much to Brett too.

Park playdates. Mark and I both enjoy the outdoors. I make it a priority to get out everyday. While Mark still enjoys our shopping errands and stroller walks, he seems happiest when he is at the park. He gets so excited going into his baby swing. We recently had a “double date” swing session with one of Mark’s friends and it was so fun! Another baby for him to interact with and mommy friends for me!

His guilty face. With Mark’s recent mobility he loves to be in all the places he shouldn’t. His favorite place to pull himself up is on our glass entertainment system. Which, go figure, is the least baby-proofed thing in our apartment. As soon as we say “Mark NO” he immediately turns to us and gives us this cute “I know I shouldn’t be here” look. He definitely tries to test us. I know this kid is going to be trouble & I secretly love it!

How ticklish he is. Mark is so easy to make laugh these days. Aside from obsessing over his cute giggles, I love how it also means we can quickly turn crying into smiling. Mark has a few spots (like his toes & under his neck) that are just so ticklish he can’t help but immediately start laughing. It is a great trick that means less tears & crying in our home these days!

His opinions. I have said this before but Mark is one strong-minded, opinionated little guy. Of course, this isn’t much of a surprise since I am too 🙂 While sometimes it makes me want to scream, I love how quick he is to let you know if he is loving or hating something. Something as simple as putting him in his activity gym can result in immediate smiles or screams. At least I know how Mark feels about things.

His sleepy coos. This may be my new favorite. After one hell of a sleep regression this past month we are finally trending positive in the sleep department. One of the new cues Mark gives to let us know he is ready to nap or sleep are these soft sweet coos. As soon as we hear them we know he is headed for a good slumber.  These sweet coos are much preferred to the hysteric screams we previously dealt with.

I can not wait to see what month 9 has in store for us. As it aligns with Christmas, I have no doubt it will be fabulous!

xo, Em.

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