Munich with a Munchkin

I am not sure there is anything more festive then holidaying in Germany in December. This country seriously knows how to get into the Christmas spirit. Germany was the last country I had to visit before we departed Europe. I couldn’t imagine living in Belgium for the past two years and never making it across the border. As we were able to tie Munich & Salzburg into the same trip, it was the perfect city for our Germany experience! It took a bit of extra planning tackling this cold city with Mark, but our logistics worked great and we had a wonderful quick trip in Munich!


We picked the Courtyard Munich City Center as our hotel. While I would have loved a beautiful boutique hotel, as we were only overnighting in Munich, we wanted something well-priced & convenient. The Courtyard was located right by the train station which, made logistics simple & meant we could travel car seat free!. The hotel itself was, just okay. The area around the train station was a bit “meh” but for our short trip it was easy and simple.

Our Itinerary

Our time in Munich was short. 1 night, 2 days. We decided to tackle the city without any planned tours or scheduled events. We went on a self guided walking tour where we explored Marienplatz (old town square), popped into St. Peter’s Church, and wandered through the Christmas Markets. We stopped for a delicious crepe (and yes, we even let Mark try!), skipped the hot wine this time, and dined at Hofbräuhaus with liter sized beers & schnitzel.

Trips for traveling with tots!

  • Take the train from the airport. Public transportation is excellent in Munich so you are able to skip the car seat and wander to all the sights by train or walking.
  • People smoke ALOT in Germany. We ended up using our stroller’s rain shield to try to protect Mark from some of the second hand smoke.
  • Be prepared to bundle up! Munich in December is COLD. We found dressing Mark in layers to helped to keep him warm. And we opted to use our stroller a lot & added an extra blanket.

A few favorites…

  • Needless to say, the Munich Christmas Market is a fun wander. It is open from late November to early January! Be sure to have a crepe at the market too, they are sooo good.
  • The Christmas windows in front of the Gallerie Mall have an adorable stuffed animal display. Mark (and all the other kids) seemed to love looking at them!
  • While touristy, Hofbräuhaus is a great convenient way to experience a traditional German Beer Hall. Located right in the city center, the location can’t be beat. And the lemonade + beer combo is delicious!

And that is a wrap for our 2017 European adventures! Next stop: USA! Let’s see how this 9 month old does with a 18 hour travel day… 🙂

xo, Em

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