Mark’s Routine at 7 Months

With jetlag finally behind us, it appears this new routine is here to stay, at least until Mark decides it is time for a change. As Mark is our only baby & I am fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home-mama, we initially avoided putting Mark on any strict schedule. As a result, Mark has adapted well to traveling, being on the road, and ultimately, this approach has allowed us to be extremely flexible. Never having to say no to something to keep a strict schedule has definitely been a treat. I’m sure in the future, especially when there are multiple little ones running around here, this approach may not be possible. But for the time being, it is working well for us!  So what do our days look like… 



7:30 – 8:00am – Mark wakes up and is ready to start his day. Compared to others, he definitely goes to bed a bit “later” and wakes up later but it works for us. With his dad working 6:30-6:30, having Mark up longer at night gives the two of them quality time together. Once Mark is up, I usually start our day with some playtime in our bed before getting ready for the day.

8:15am – Breakfast time! Today Mark tried mini egg & veggie frittatas and a piece of banana plum oat bread, both were a huge hit! I try to make everything Mark eats, so I batch prep a few items each week. I’ll be blogging more about Mark’s meals (and his favorites) in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

8:30am – With a full belly, it’s playtime.  It took a while for Mark to enjoy playing alone but now he loves his toys. He goes a good 30 minutes by himself before he looks for us. After his solo time, I typically read 2-3 books with him and work on a new “skill”. Recently he has been finding rolling or throwing a ball to be hilarious, so we’ve been doing that a lot. We also play in the mirror (he loves looking at himself!). We wrap up playtime with milk for Mark & coffee for mom!

9:30am – Catnap. Mark will typically doze off for about 20-30 minutes. If he wants to skip, we don’t worry about it and keep playing or just cuddle.

10:00am – Time to head out for a bit. We have a few scheduled activities from 10-12 during the week so I’ve made it our routine to always head out during this window. If we don’t have set plans, we usually go on a nice long walk around the city or hit the shops.  If it’s downpouring, I try to find a new activity to do at home.

12:00pm – Nap time…. maybe lol. Naps are the most variable part of our day.  Mark is definitely not a napper nor does he need much sleep to be happy. Yesterday he went EIGHT hours without a nap and was so content. Needless to say, I don’t ever assume he will sleep much longer then 30 minutes. If he does, I try to sneak a quick workout in and if not, I toss him in the Ergo Carrier and get some housework done.

1:00pm – Playtime again! We usually start on his mat and recently he has been working on his crawling skills. When he is “bored” of that I move him into his activity center. As he is “contained” in this, I can do a few things without worrying about him getting into any trouble. After that, Mark “helps” with household things, like cooking, laundry, or organizing.

3:00pm – Weather pending we head to the park. I love how close we are to a park with a baby swing. As Mark only lasts 10-15 minutes on the swing it’s fabulous we can just pop across the street and be there. If it’s raining and he is getting fussy, we usually take a trip to the grocery store below us. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery! When we et back, Mark typically looks for some milk after being outside.

3:30pm – Naptime… again, maybe. If we’ve had a busy day and spent a good chunk of time outside, he will go down for about an hour. Again, naptime is very flexible 🙂

4:30pm – Dinnertime & bathtime routine starts. Even though we are doing BLW, I feed Mark before we eat as 7pm is just too late for him. I typically offer dinner around 4:30 and he will eat / play with his food for around 20-30 minutes. We roll directly from dinnertime into our bathtime routine. You can read more about that here.

5:30pm – Milk for mister Mark & then playtime until Dad gets home. We usually switch things up and play in his nursery for a bit in the evening. Having him play in his crib means I can pop in and out while I am getting our dinner ready and know he is safe.

6:30pm – Mark gets so excited hearing the door unlock because that means Dad is home! More playtime, hangout, and cuddles for the two of them. Brett takes Mark from 6:30 – 8:30 which allows me to finish getting dinner ready, clean, and sneak some “me” time!

8:30pm – Bedtime feed, storytime, and then bedtime for Mark. Some days he goes down in 5 minutes, other times it can be a 30+ minute situation.

5:30am – Mark typically wakes up for his early morning feed between 5 and 6. With teething, we definitely have had some nights with more frequent wake ups (like every darn hour) but when all is good, this is his usual wake up time!


DSC_9030Mark’s Outfit & Stroller Gear: Onesie, Pants, Pacifier Clip, Stroller, Blanket 

We can’t wait to see how Mark’s routine and preferences continue to change as he grows. Just when you think you have them all figured out, they love to throw something new at you 🙂

xo, Em.


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