Mark’s Medicine Cabinet

When Mark got the stomach flu I realized our medicine cabinet was not adequately stocked for baby. We of course had an infant fever-reducer / pain-killer on hand, but that was really the only “medicine” we had. After our trip to urgent care, we realized we needed to stock up on a few more staples to have on hand incase Mark came down with a stomach virus or any other illnesses that required home treatment. So as we enter cold & flu season, I’m sharing what’s in Mark’s nursery medicine cabinet.



Cold / Cough

  • Nose Frida – This is a must. I remember reading mom blogs when I was pregnant and thinking this was SO weird, but like everyone else will tell you it works and is so efficient. Mark may hate it these days, but keeping baby breathing clear is important.
  • Saline Rinse – We love this one which, seems to be more gentle.
  • Humidifier – We actually don’t have one but we plan to buy one when we are back in the US. For now, we have been using our shower to steam up the bathroom which helps to loosen up any congestion

Fever / Flu 

  • Thermometer – I picked up this set which has both an infrared forehead option and a traditional thermometer. If you plan to use an infrared, be sure to take baby’s temperature frequently before they get sick so you know what their “normal” is. We find ours can be up to a degree lower then what you would get on a traditional thermometer.
  • Oral Hydration Solution – This was the big item we were missing in our medicine cabinet. When Mark had the flu he couldn’t keep a drop of milk in his system. Urgent Care prescribed us a special solution to get him hydrated again. I was shocked, but his system handled this much better then breastmilk the first few days of the flu. We have since picked up an over the counter mix to keep on hand for any future stomach bugs.




  • Healing Balm – Rashes (including diaper rash) happen. This organic all over lotion has solved all of Mark’s small skin irritations. We always keep this on hand.
  • Nail Buffer – Even at 8 months I am still to nervous to use traditional clippers on Mark’s tiny fingernails. This buffer takes away all anxiety of accidentally clipping him. I should note, you’ll need a lot of replacement nail pads and they aren’t cheap.
  • Hair Brush – Mark barely has any hair, but we are all set to brush his hair. I bought this set before he was born and it helped get his cradle cap out quickly.
  • Ice Packs – We keep 2 of these in the fridge (our doctor told us the freezer was too cold for his new skin!) incase Mark bops himself. Correction: When Mark bops himself because he is pulling up all over the place and forgets to hold on sometime. They can also be heated!


So experienced moms, what are you favorites to keep on hand in the medicine cabinet for your munchkins? Am I missing anything?!

xo, Em.


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