Mark’s First Thanksgiving

My little souschef & I cooked up a perfect Thanksgiving feast for our family of three to celebrate Mark’s first turkey day. Living abroad is a bit harder then usual around the holidays. Thanksgiving, which obviously isn’t celebrated here, is probably one of the hardest. With Brett at work all day, being apart from our families, & no turkeys available at the grocery store, yesterday was just a regular day in Belgium. But, given how much we have to be thankful for this year, I knew we had to properly celebrate the holiday. And of course, Mark’s baby book as a spot for Baby’s First Thanksgiving so I needed to properly document the occasion! So, Mark and I spent the day making a traditional feast (sans the big turkey) and had so much fun in the process. 

Even though Mark is only 8 months old, I decided to include him in as much of the food prep as possible. Mark “helping” consisted of a lot of things, like mixing the candied pecans, playing with the fresh herbs, moving around the table setting 🙂 It may have been more work having him help but it was so fun to watch him touch and explore all these new foods and textures!





While most of our side dishes were completely traditional – stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce,  a fall salad – our turkey definitely was not. As I couldn’t find a skin-on turkey breast in Belgium, I decided to add my own crispy skin with some good ole bacon. So yes, we had a bacon wrapped turkey! It was actually pretty darn good but I’m definitely looking forward to a traditional bird next year 🙂 .




Mark absolutely loved his Thanksgiving meal. As we are doing Baby Led Weaning all the foods I served were “Mark approved”. All this meant was no recipes with honey & I removed the pecans from his sweet potatoes and bacon from his turkey. Mark went crazy for the sweet potatoes (they had a little brown sugar!) and he was oddly obsessed with the piece of lettuce I let him try lol. Mark was also wild about his “first dessert”. Dessert was a simple puff pastry tart made with my homemade applesauce but boy did the kid want more. He was definitely trying to snag more from Brett’s piece 🙂




Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank goodness it is now officially acceptable to listen to all the Christmas music we’ve already been listening too!

xo, Em.

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