Mark’s First Christmas

We had such a blast celebrating Mark’s first Christmas. After spending a great week in Texas with Brett’s family, we headed north to New Jersey to celebrate Christmas with my family. We kicked off the holiday weekend with a festive Christmas Eve meal, complete with Mark in the cutest velvet overalls. We moved his high chair right up to the dining room so he could participate in our formal meal. All of us, including mister Mark, munched on a host of appetizers and chomped down on lamb & risotto for dinner. After dinner it was time for the little guy to get some rest before his first visit from Santa.

Christmas Outfits: Velvet Dress, Mark’s Romper

Christmas morning started with matching family PJs! My sister picked these up for everyone a few Christmases ago and we obviously had to get Mark a matching pair. It is such a fun tradition and one we definitely plan to carry on with our family. You can find these PJs on sale here right now!

Mark got a kick out of all the gifts under the tree Christmas morning. He was most entertained with the bows and ribbons. He was so pleased with himself when he managed to pull one off 🙂 He also loved his stocking and pulling his little stocking stuffers in and out. We took turns helping Mark open his gifts and were so pleased with how quickly he took to some of them. One of my favorite moments was when I swore he said “hi” to the stuffed animal we got him.

Here is a quick recap of our favorite gifts should you be looking for any last minute finds this year! Gifts for Mark: He adored his heirloom stuffed animal (select styles on sale here!) & his new walker. We love how simple and classic this walker looks. Gifts for Mom: Mark got me a letter-board! I am way to excited to incorporate it into our daily lives of our new home. We also got a new camera as a “family” gift!!! Now, I just need to teach myself how to use my new Nikon & lens. Gifts for Dad: Brett had been wanting a chunky blanket to cozy up with on the couch. I found this on Etsy and it has not disappointed so far!

Having a little one around makes Christmas so magical. I am already thinking of what traditions we want to incorporate in the years to come. I am definitely thinking Elf on the Shelf will be making an appearance next year!  What are your favorite Christmas traditions you enjoy with your family ?!

xo, Em.

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