Mark’s First Christmas: Holiday Gift Guide

We are oh so excited for Mark’s First Christmas in just a few weeks! We will be heading back to the US to celebrate with our extended families and have timed planned in both Texas and New Jersey (bringing Mark’s total flights to 18 in 9 months.. yikes!).  While we are thrilled to be spending the holiday at our parents, I can not wait for next year when we can decorate and host! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and it’s so hard not decorating our apartment as we are gone for most of December.  We have totally already called hosting Christmas for the family in 2018 and I can’t wait!!

As this is Mark’s First Christmas, Brett and I chatted how we wanted to handle holiday gift giving. We wanted a rough plan for how we would gift not only for this year, but also in future years (with potentially more littles running around!). So, in addition to setting a budget, we decided on the  “something you want”, “something you need”, “something to wear”, & “something to read”! And of course, some fun little stocking stuffers! My mom always gave my sister and I an ornament that represented our year and I plan to carry on that tradition for Mark & our family.  Of course, as Mark can’t request anything this year, we will be making his gift selections. So, what is on Mark’s Christmas List? Check out our Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide below! 




Something You Want – A new toy! I’ve narrowed it down to a few options but haven’t decided which one to order just yet! We try to keep Mark’s toys educational or natural (we love quality wooden toys!) but of course have a variety of things. Below are my top contenders for Mark’s Christmas toy to be waiting under the tree!

  • Sorter – Colors, shapes, and sorting all in one! Plus we love that it is made out of natural wood and PotteryBarn Kids always has great sales 🙂
  • Stacker – A simple and easy stacker for Mark to use in the coming months. I also love the shades of blues & that this toy is pretty enough to keep on a shelf!
  • Stuffed Animal – This one is a bit out of budget, but I recently stumbled upon Cuddle + Kind and love what they stand for. Each animal purchased provides 10 meals to kids in need and the hand-stitched animals are beautiful! We might just need to exceed the budget for this one!

Something You Need – Mark currently “needs” very little, but Brett and I decided a walker would be hugely helpful around Christmas time. Mark has recently started pulling up & cruising around. So, we thought having a safe walker to assist him in his mobility is a good “need” for him this year.

  • We decided on the this walker. Yes, it is an investment but as Mark is our first, we hope all of our future babies will use it and we will get our money worth! It is crafted in Germany of natural wood and has some great features – like adjustable resistance on the wheels to adapt to your little one’s current stability & walking speed/confidence. Saving Alert: If you plan ahead & order now you can save about $40! Head over to Amazon Germany & be sure to checkout with Amazon Global Express Shipping (which includes taxes and duties) and ship it to your door in the US. It does take a few weeks but for the savings it is totally worth it!

Something To Wear – In dressing Mark for the past 8 months I’ve learned less is more. I seem to find my favorite outfits in each size and he wears them a lot!. As a result, I’m okay spending a bit more on a few pieces I love since I know we’ll get our wear out of them. For Christmas, I plan to purchase a few nicer things in larger sizes for next year!

  • Splendid 2 Piece Outfits. We were gifted a few Splendid sets and they fit Mark great. I picked up this new set for summer and this set for cooler weather. They are currently on sale and there are a bunch other sets. Splendid runs true to size for us.
  • Kissy Kissy Pajamas. Kissy Kissy makes incredibly soft clothing – we love their PJs & outfits. I picked up 2 pajama sets for Mark (these & these).  I grabbed them during a flash sale at Saks and expect them to be on sale again next week. I’ll definitely be grabbing more pairs to put away! PS- Kissy Kissy runs very small so size up.

Something To Read – Since Mark is tough on everything, we will be sticking to board books this year. I picked up 5 for $25 on Amazon to add to Mark’s bookshelf! If you are looking for any other nursery books, you can see our current favorites here!

We can’t wait to wake up in our matching Christmas PJs and celebrate Mark’s First Christmas. By the look of his face in his Christmas jammies I think he is super excited too! And if you are looking for any fun holiday outfits (including these great PJs for the whole family, you can find them here!). How are you prepping for your little’s holiday season?!


xo, Em.


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