Mark’s 9 Month Update

NINE MONTHS.  Three-quarters of a year old. It is scary how close we are to this munchkin turning one! Of course, I am already in first birthday panic mode primarily because we will be moving early next year and I am not sure what our living situation will be in early March. Of course, I’m determined to make it memorable one way or another!  Mark has become so much more independent this past month. He is speed crawling, pulling up, cruising, and standing unsupported for a few seconds. He has figured out how to gracefully transitioning from cruising to standing back to crawling and I am certain he will be walking way to soon. He has learned so many new sounds and babbles all the time. He loves playing with his toys and banging everything together and making music. I have a feeling this month will be the best yet. We can not wait to celebrate Mark’s first Christmas and spend the holidays with our family and friends. But before that, here is a recap of life with our 9 month munchkin! 

Mark has been on the move this past month. He is crawling everywhere, can pull up on any surface, and is cruising around our furniture like it is his job. This pretty much means no where is out of his reach anymore lol. If he isn’t contained he has to be constantly watched. He gets so excited chasing us around or “helping” me vacuum and I love how independent he has become. Of course, I certainly have days where I wish he would just sit still for ten minutes so I could quickly get something done, but oh well, he is way more fun then cleaning anyway.

Not surprisingly, our fiesty little fella keeps getting more entertaining in the personality department. He has completely lost his “middle ground” and is either SO happy or epically angry/upset. Thankfully, he is the happiest baby 95% of the time so that is all that matters. He loves when we play with him or is around other babies to interact with. He made a friend on our flight back from Munich and has started to engage more with other kids at playgroup. He still loves to Facetime with our extended family and strongly prefers the camera & everyone’s attention to be on him.

Mark loves being tickled and it is so easy to make him laugh. He has recently started showing signs of clapping when he is super excited about something. I have also caught him starting to bounce when music is on so he may be getting ready to break out some dance moves shortly. He refuses to sit still for even a second meaning these photoshoots are just about impossible these days!

We will be heading to Mark’s 9 month check up early next week, but we suspect he is around 19 pounds and a bit over 27 inches long (according to our at home measurements). Mark is quickly outgrowing some brands in 6-12 month so we are a bit all over the place in clothing sizes these days. Mealtime is still a hit for Mark and this past month had him trying lots of new foods. He had his first Thanksgiving meal and ate turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing! This past week in Munich we splurged and let him try a crepe which he absolutely loved. We do our best to keep Mark’s diet low in salt and sugar, but every once in awhile give him a tiny treat. We are doing much better in the sleep department but I am sure that is all about to go out the window as we head to the US in a week and all have jetlag 🙂


  • Stands unsupported for a few seconds
  • Said both mama & dada… though he has absolutely no idea what it means 🙂
  • Has all 4 of his top teeth, bring our teeth total to six
  • Mark’s first snowfall in Salzburg!
  • Instigates & plays peek-a-boo
  • Visited his 8th and 9th country – Austria & Germany
  • Cruising (quickly) around all of our furniture
  • Mark’s First Thanksgiving & taste of thanksgiving dinner
  • First Christmas card photoshoot


  • Standing & cruising. Mark spends most of his day standing up & pulling up on everything
  • Chasing around mom and dad
  • His pacifier… as a teething toy only!
  • The few sweet treats he has been allowed, like crepes
  • Being tickled everywhere
  • Napping on mom & dad
  • Milk. All the milk. All the time.
  • Story-time with his books & turning the pages
  • Sleeping in the big bed
  • Christmas tree lights and ornaments
  • Playing catch with his favorite ball
  • Hearing the door unlock which means dad is home from work
  • Interacting & “playing” with other babies
  • Banging on all his toys
  • Playing with everything he shouldn’t lol


  • Being told no. Mark is slowly understanding the word no when said in a stern voice. He makes the cutest little grunt whenever I tell him “no” lol!
  • His Dockatot. After 8 months, we had to retire our Dockatot deluxe. Mark now mostly sleeps on his belly and like to be able to move around at night so we’ve packed this up for our next little.
  • Still hates wearing hats but we are making progress in keeping them on while outside.
  • His “birthday” month crown. The second I put it on he ripped it right off (as you can see by the pictures :))

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