Mark’s 8 Month Update

EIGHT MONTHS.  How is my baby only 4 months from turning ONE?! Commence all the mommy feels! And a certain degree of panic because I am seriously fretting over where we will be celebrating Mark’s 1st birthday as there is a transatlantic move happening between now and then lol!  I can’t believe how far Mark has come in these past eight months. My once itty bitty baby who needed help supporting his head is now crawling, pulling up, and standing all on his own. Mark is Mr. Independent and I’m loving almost every moment of it.  It is incredible watching him crawl to the things he wants (including chasing me when I walk away), mimic the things we do, and pull up on the table when he wants a better vantage point of something. Crawling & pulling up has been a game changer this past month so, here a recap of life with our 8 month old mobile munchkin! 



Watching Mark master crawling has been the most exciting part of this past month. Mark skipped army crawling and went straight to traditional hand & knee crawling after a few days of intense frustration. He had been close for a few days but couldn’t piece it all together. Needless to say, we were all ecstatic when he figured it out and his frustration melted away.  It took a few more days for Mark to master crawling on our slippery hardwood but since then, he has been a speed demon. Mark is clearly happy moving around on his own and he loves chasing me and rushing to the door when dad gets home from work. It is oh so cute!

Mark’s personality continues to strengthen and it is clear a day he got his personality from his mama. He is strong-willed, feisty, and definitely knows exactly what he wants (and lets us know!). He predicts what he thinks we will do (like putting him down) and lets us know he does not want that to happen lol. He is conversing with us daily and I suspect his first word will be “hi”. The noise he makes sounds so close to it and he says it as a response to others staying hello.  I am not counting it as a first word just yet, but it is my best guess. He doesn’t seem to have any interest to say mama or dada but I am so curious which one he will say first!

Mark’s laugh is still my absolute favorite. He recently started giggling in response to us laughing and it’s adorable. He seems the most giggly at night when Brett comes home from work. I guess he is just happy his people are home and can give him all the attention! Just like the past month, Mark continues to love being the center of attention. If we are FaceTiming with his grandparents and we turn the phone away from him, he yelps out until we get the camera back on him!

Mark is around 18.5 pounds and a bit over 27 inches long (according to our best attempt at home measurements). He is still wearing 6-12 month clothing & in size 2 shoes. He loves meal time and Baby Led Weaning continues to be so much fun for all of us. His current favorite foods include spaghetti squash, beef chili, grilled cheese, corn on the cob, and roasted broccoli. I’m looking forward to Mark trying his first bite of turkey on Thanksgiving later this month. And it is a good thing he is so dang cute because kido has totally forgotten how to sleep through the night soo… we are working on that. In fairness we are heading to the US in 5 weeks where we will be tackling jetlag again, so I’m just hoping we will all get some rest in 2018.



DSC_0860Mark’s Outfit Details: Onesie, Jeans, Socks, Crown, Milestone Cards 


  • Mark crawled for the first time (about 2 weeks ago)
  • He is pulling up on everything & standing up by himself
  • He can slowly cruise around his crib
  • Has top teeth! 2 are fully visible and 2 more just cut
  • Playing catch with this ball – its shape means it is easy to grab & toss
  • Getting messy at mealtime, Mark loves to play with all his food
  • Joining us for lunch at a restaurant & sitting in a high chair for the first time
  • Mark was a firefighter for his first Halloween
  • First time on the slide at the park
  • Learned how to turn the pages at story time (with board books only lol).
  • First real illness & trip to urgent care 🙁





  • Crawling & moving everywhere. Mark never sits still anymore
  • Pulling up on the coffee table (& everything else he can find)
  • Reading books & turning the pages
  • Food! As soon as he is in his high chair he bangs on the tray until his food arrives
  • Blowing huge raspberries & spitting lol
  • Walking around the room with mom & dad’s help
  • Playing catch and roll the ball with mom!
  • Being tickled – he is soooo ticklish
  • Facetiming with his extended family
  • Playing in the mirror & making faces at himself
  • Banging on everything & making loud noises


  • Teething. Round two of teething those top teeth was no better then the bottom.
  • Sleeping through the night. I’m not sure if it’s teething or the 6th leap we’ve entered, but sleep seems to be very optional for Mark these days.
  • Sitting down. Mark likes to lock his knees when we try to sit him down lol. He really prefers to be on his feed standing all the time now.
  • Avocado. We re-tried this recently and Mark is still not a fan
  • Hats, which is a bit problematic now that it is cold, but we are working on it!


xo, Em.

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