Mark’s 7 Month Update

SEVEN MONTHS.  For some reason, Mark turning seven months has me freaking out more then his half birthday did! I basically need to start planning his first birthday because it will be here in no time, right?! It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating our first week and month together and pretty soon Mark will be walking, talking, and turning one! This past month has been filled with lots of travel, more milestones & first moments! Here is a recap of life with our 7 month old! 


Watching Mark’s personality develop has been so much fun. This kid, seriously cracks me up all day long. He is fiesty, demanding, and oh so strong-willed. I swear he looks pleased with himself when he gets what he wants. It’s becoming more and more clear he got his personality from his mama. He has the cutest conversations with us, babbling back and forth with us, often responding to our questions. If only we knew what he was saying! He has also started to spontaneously giggle and laugh at things he finds funny, like a dog chasing it’s tail or someone saying a specific word. It is the best thing in the whole world hearing this kid giggle.

Mark continues to love being the center of attention and rallies like a champ when people are focused on him. He was Baptized this month and despite missing his morning nap rose to the occasion and loved all the attention. He has really started to enjoy playing by himself with his toys which we are thrilled about. He is sitting up completely unsupported and can “save” himself if he starts to fall. He is close to crawling and can push himself up but isn’t too sure about what to do next. I’m sure he will be on the move in the next couple of weeks!

Mark is around 18.5 pounds and 27 inches long. He has the cutest huge head and has almost outgrown 12 month hats! He is consistently wearing 6-12 month clothing and just started wearing size 2 shoes. He loves food and Baby Led Weaning has been going great for us. His favorites are peanut butter + banana, slices of peach, and rice cakes with dips like hummus, cheese, and sauces. I’ll be posting more about Mark’s meals in the coming weeks. Jetlag has been kicking our butts this month with our trip to the US and back to Europe so the sleep thing is currently a hot mess. Hopefully in another week we’ll be back on schedule!



DSC_8409Mark’s Outfit & Toys: Onesie, Stuffed Animal, Wooden Toys


  • Mark was baptized
  • First time in Texas
  • Met his Uncle for the first time
  • First visit to a pumpkin patch
  • First road trip! (NJ to Baltimore to visit his Great Great Aunt & Uncle)
  • Enjoys playing alone with his toys
  • Actually growing some hair! He has just enough to have bed head in the mornings
  • Tasted peanut butter & is obsessed
  • Really “swimming”  in the pool – he loved splashing and kicking his feet!
  • Riding in a cart at Target!
  • First time attending a Little Gym class
  • Rode in a golf cart with his Dad!
  • First visit to a pumpkin patch
  • First time playing with sand on the beach
  • First time chasing the waves (with moms help of course!)




  • Food! He seems to like just about everything we have tried so far.
  • Jumping in this jumper, it is the best!
  • Swimming in the pool, he is definitely a water baby.
  • Walking around the room with mom & dad’s help
  • Having conversations
  • His post bath baby massage, he is super ticklish he laughs every time
  • Banging on everything
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Singing The Wheels on the Bus & Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  • Making faces in the mirror & seeing himself on Facetime
  • Being tickled everywhere, particularly under his neck
  • Cuddling in the big bed on weekends


  • When Mom & Dad walk away and he doesn’t know where we are! We’ve started having a little separation anxiety when we are in new places with new people.
  • Raspberries. I must admit they were a bit tart, we’ll try again another time.
  • All forms of hats. He immediately rips them off once we put them on.
  • Being congested. Mark had his first cold and hated the Nose Frida & having a cough that kept waking him up at night
  • Jetlag 🙂


xo, Em


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