Mark’s 6 Month Update!

SIX MONTHS.  Mark is half a year old. How did this happen?! I can’t believe we are now closer to his first birthday than we are his birth. It feels like just days ago that he could fit in our hands. Now, our hands can barely contain him as he throws himself around wanting to get into everything! This past month has been filled with tons of milestones & a much more mobile munchkin, so let me recap life with our 6 month old!

Mark’s personality continues to grow by the day and I love it. He is such a fiesty little guy. He is strong-willed and knows exactly what he wants and makes sure you know it. He most certainly has inherited a good chunk of his personality from his mama 🙂 He has definitely found his voice, both in yelling (which we could really do without but is kind of hilarious) and in the cutest baby babble. He is such a happy little guy and has the best smile that radiates across his whole face.

Mark loves having all the attention on him & prefers being entertained by us then playing with his toys. He loves when we do superman and fly him around a room & bouncing on the big bed. He is oh so happy when he is on the move. He has the absolute best laugh and you can’t help but smile when you hear it. He is becoming increasingly ticklish and is starting to understand peek-a-boo! If he likes what is going on he instantly smiles which makes understanding his preferences much easier. Munchkin, you are becoming so much more engaging and we love learning more about you every day!

Mark is just under 18 pounds and just over 27 inches long. His noggin’ remains large and in charge and is outgrowing hats much faster then clothing. He is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing except for a few 3-6 and 9-12 things. Seriously, clothing brands can we have some consistency?! After the 4-5 month sleep regression, I am happy to report our boy is back to napping 3 times a day and sleeping for 8-9 hour stretches at night. Win for both baby & mama!





  • First teeth at 24 weeks (the bottom two!)
  • Sitting up & playing with his toys
  • First bite of solid food (we are doing Baby Led Weaning)
  • Rolling everywhere in all directions
  • First time on the baby swing
  • Attempting to crawl, he has all the moves just needs to piece them together.
  • First boat ride on the Amalfi Coast
  • Interacting & playing with other baby friends (including stealing toys!)
  • First time sleeping in his crib




  • Food! (more on Mark’s favorite meals to come!)
  • This spoon – Mark feeds himself with it (preloaded of course), it’s the best!
  • Swimming, he is definitely a water baby!
  • When dad gets home from work
  • Superman & flying around a room
  • Yelling – both when he is happy, sad, excited, and/or mad!
  • Making faces in the mirror & seeing himself on Facetime
  • Grabbing anything mom & dad are holding, he wants to be a part of everything
  • Standing up ALL the time
  • Still loves to play in this activity center
  • Being tickled on his belly or under his neck
  • Taking pictures with mom, I swear he starts smiling when he sees the big camera
  • Teething on dad’s fingers
  • Facetiming with his grandparents
  • Cuddling in the big bed in the morning


  • The shower – we tried to quickly rinse Mark off a few times but he is NOT a fan
  • Teething. He was miserable for a few days until his teeth finally cut, but since then has been doing much better!
  • Not being part of the action, he definitely has a minor case of FOMO (fear of missing out) lol!
  • Sitting still – he is always looking for something to hold, bite, roll to, or play with!


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