Mark’s 5 Month Update!

FIVE MONTHS.  I can not believe how fast time has gone. Next month our munchkin will be half a year old (ah!). I find myself constantly stuck between wanting him to stay little forever and being so excited to watch him grow, learn, & explore. So much has changed this past month so let me recap life with our 5 month munchkin!

Mark is turning into quite a spunky little guy with a personality bigger then he is. He happily demands attention all day long and seems very pleased with himself when he gets his way 🙂 He has the cutest open mouth mega smile and his giggles are too much to handle. Baby boy, I hope you always smile so big. He loves being tickled under his neck and cracks up whenever we say “boom” or “woah”. Mark has really been discovering the world around him; grabbing things he wants, coo-ing & babbling all day long, and following people around a room. He is getting bigger by the day and I can only imagine what pure joy the next few months will be like!

Our munchkin is about 16 pounds and 26 inches long. He has a big noggin’ and just outgrew his 6 month hats. We are still in 3-6 month clothing (except for a few pieces) though it looks like we will be transitioning to 6-9 month PJs very soon. Those footed onesies are looking quite tight in the toes!

Version 2

Version 2



  • Sitting unsupported – for a few minutes!
  • Rolling over from his back to belly
  • Cooing & chatting with his Grandparents on FaceTime
  • Sitting in his high chair & getting ready for food (coming later this month!)
  • First train ride in Switzerland
  • First time on a Ferris Wheel

Version 2Version 2


  • Standing up ALL the time
  • Playing in this activity center
  • Being tickled under his neck which results in the cutest belly laugh every time
  • Going up & down and “flying” around our apartment
  • His toes! He holds them all day long
  • Working out with his mama, he is the perfect “16 pound medicine ball” and cracks up the entire time (the kid loves movement!)
  • Sleeping on his belly (which, admittedly makes us a little nervous)
  • Being forward facing in the Ergobaby 360 Carrier
  • Looking at himself in the mirror
  • Exploring the world & being outside


  • Teething & most teething toys – he is so close to his first tooth! Mark has been quite picky with teething toys but we’ve had some success with a cold wet wash cloth and the small sophie teether seems to be his favorite.
  • Being overtired – we are almost through the 4 month sleep regression but had a few rough weeks where he was exhausted and just couldn’t sleep.
  • Things being pulled over his head – this makes getting him dressed fun 🙂

Version 2

Version 3

xo, Em

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