Mark’s 10 Month Update

TEN MONTHS.  We are officially into double digits! And the countdown is most definitely on until Mark turns one.  We had so much fun this past month celebrating Mark’s first Christmas, visiting lots of family & friends, and finalizing some of our move back to the US. And if that wasn’t enough craziness for us, Mark decided to start WALKING! I swear he is way too tiny to be walking! Our little mister took his first unassisted steps just after turning 9 months but it took him a few weeks to build up the courage to really start walking. Now, he just goes goes goes! And it looks like I’ll be spending most of my time chasing after him & grabbing all the sharp corners for the foreseeable future lol. While he is walking, he definitely still gets distracted and tumbles all over the place. Mark has also learned some fun new “tricks” like waving hi & putting his “hands up”. His sounds continue to grow and he is in the stage where he loves mimicking the sounds we make and things we do. He continues to love having all the attention on him but we have also made great strides with Mark enjoying independent play. It is crazy to think in just a few short weeks we will be permanently back stateside! But before that, a quick recap with our 10 month munchkin! 

Mark is on the move in every way. He crawls, pulls up, walks, cruises, climbs up the steps, and rolls everywhere… pretty much, the kid loves to move. Sitting still is a thing of the past. It definitely makes it challenging to get anything done but I am loving watching my munchkin move.  And it looks like we will be doing some serious baby-proofing once we buy a home as mister Mark has already figured out how to open cabinets, close doors, and crawl up the steps. He also loves to knock everything off shelves & tables and anything in a nice pile ends up immediately being destroyed lol.

Aside from the big change of walking, we have made great progress with “stranger danger” this month. Meeting Santa was completely traumatizing for a few seconds but we recovered well. And as we have continued to visit with lots of family & friends, new people are now the norm and Mark is much more comfortable with everyone. He still looks for Brett or me but I’m thrilled he is enjoying being social. We recently did errands and he loved chatting & showing off while we were in line to check out. And he is thriving in his Little Gym classes!

Mark is still extra fiesty and pretty much cracks me up all day long. He is starting to say “no” by shaking his head even though he definitely doesn’t know what it means. But sometimes, he responds “no” at the perfect time and leaves us all laughing. He absolutely loves sneezing and he immediately giggles every time.  He even started fake sneezing and it is the cutest darn thing. He loves to dance when he hears music and bounces if you say “jump jump jump”. And I think he may have said his first real word?! While Mark has said dada and mama he has zero clue what it means. However, when someone says hi he will respond with “hi” and a wave. So.. I think that might be his first real word?! Regardless, he is definitely putting things together in the word department.  

According to at home measurements, Mark is about 20.5 pounds and around 28/29 inches tall. It is pretty much impossible to measure him these days. Not that it really matters as we know he is growing, but I still like to jot these things down to look back on. Mark has outgrown nearly all his 9 month things, still fits in some 6-12 month clothing, but is fitting best into 9-12 month or 12 month. With all the holiday sales this past month I’ve started stocking up on 12-18 and can’t wait to see him in his little summer wardrobe!

Mark continues to be a great eater and we are so happy we gave Baby Led Weaning a go from the start. He pretty much loves everything and even is liking raspberries in his oatmeal (which is one of the few foods he isn’t thrilled with). And he snuck a taste of sugar over New Years Eve when Brett “accidentally” gave him a piece of a butter cookie. Needless to say he liked it (alot) and quickly snagged the rest of the cookie from Brett’s hand lol.  We are still breastfeeding with only 2 months to go until we reach our goal! In the sleep department things aren’t going great but with everything we have going on I can’t blame the kid. Once we are in a home and things are stable we will work on a better sleep routine 🙂 


  • Mark is walking! It still surprises me watching him take off on his own!
  • Waves and say “hi”
  • Learned how to roll a ball back and forth
  • Baby’s first Blizzard in New Jersey (over a foot of snow!)
  • Can “fake sneeze”
  • Celebrated Mark’s first Christmas
  • Dances to music
  • Plays “hands up” “hands down” (with the most serious hands up face)
  • Wrapped up our flights for 2017.. with 17 for the little guy this year


  • Walking all over the place
  • Seeing his reflection (particularly the wine cooler lol)
  • Reading & singing Monkeys on the Bed
  • Pulling everything off the coffee table & shelves
  • Using his walker
  • Sneezing & fake sneezing
  • Knocking over stacked blocks
  • Being tickled & having you kiss his fingers and toes
  • Napping with dad
  • Christmas tree lights and ornaments
  • Sitting on Grandpa’s desk
  • Getting all the attention over the holidays
  • The butter cookie his dad accidentally gave him


  • The car seat. He pretty much hates everything about it. Most car rides consist of constant singing to try to keep the screaming at bay. Who has car seat tips for 10 month olds? I need them ASAP!
  • Diaper changes or anything else that requires him to stay still for a hot second
  • Hats. Crowns. Hoods. Mark’s hatred of things on his head continues… much to my dismay!
  • Santa. Enough said.
  • And all other strangers (if mom and dad aren’t around). We have improved drastically in the past few weeks, but Mark had some serious stranger danger this past month.

xo, Em.

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