Looking Back: Summer Days in Switzerland

Traveling with babies certainly has it challenges. Since our time in Europe is coming to a close, Brett and I made a pack to continue our adventures once Mark joined us. In addition to being born in Belgium, Mark has already visited The Netherlands, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, and the United States and we are all set to explore the Christmas Markets in Germany & Austria later this year. While we occasionally have to modify our itinerary, I’m so happy we’ve committed to keeping travel part of our family’s life. Of all the countries we have visited in Europe (Brett and I have explored 17 so far!), Switzerland is my favorite. Aside from the fact it is stunning beautiful and all the cities are so unique, it is also incredibly child friendly. So in honor of my Throwback Thursday series, I’m sharing all the details from our visit with Mark in July to Geneva & Montreux! 



We decided to base our trip out of Geneva and stayed at Hotel De La Paix. This luxury boutique hotel, owned by The Ritz Carlton, was exceptional. Located right on Lake Geneva it was the perfect base for exploring the city. It was also a close walk (about 10 minutes) from the train station which made it easy to access the airport and day trip to other Swiss cities. The hotel also provided an amazing crib for Mark (the nicest one I’ve seen so far!) and special organic baby products – I was so impressed! I should note, this hotel was definitely a splurge and exceeded the budget we typically spend on hotels.


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Our Itinerary

Explore the beautiful cities of Montreux & Geneva, do a little shopping, and enjoy some  delicious Swiss fondue! After arriving in Geneva, we hoped on the train and headed straight to Montreux. Mark experienced his first train ride in Switzerland which, was a huge hit! Montreux was a stunning city, surrounded by snow-covered Alps & with tropical trees lining the streets. We spent most of our day wandering around the lake & taking in the beautiful views. We spent the rest of our long weekend back in Geneva where we wandered the old town, took a long walk along the lake, rode a Ferris Wheel above Lake Geneva, and enjoyed delicious Swiss food & wine!





Trips for traveling with tots!

  • Take the train! All major Swiss cities and airports are connected by efficient & reliable trains. The trains have “family” cars making them ultra child friendly. Relying on the trains meant stress free travel, easy feeding & changing, and flexibility in our travel plans. Win win!
  • Select a centrally located hotel. Switzerland is expensive & so are the hotels. Unlike our pre-baby trips where we wouldn’t mind a longer commute from our hotel to the main attractions, with a baby you’ll want to be centrally located. Being able to walk everywhere meant we could go car-seat free. Paying a premium for the ideal hotel location was definitely worth it!
  • Remember to account for baby’s schedule when traveling early in the morning. We took a 6am flight to Switzerland to maximize our time there. What we failed to realize was waking Mark up at 4am meant he was ready for bed at 6pm. In hindsight, we should have planned for a late afternoon nap to help him adjust.

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A few favorites…

  • The ferris wheel overlooking Lake Geneva is a must! It has beautiful views of the Lake & Old Town. Even at 4.5 months Mark got so much enjoyment out of the ride. I’m so happy I captured the look on his face as we started to go up!
  • There is beautiful stationary store, Bookbinders Design Geneva, that has the prettiest travel journals and binders. You bet I picked one up!
  • We dined at Restaurant Les Armures and had wonderful traditional Swiss meal. The cheese fondue with herbs (herbs are key) was divine!


Traveling with Mark has been such an amazing experience so far and I love showing my little the world. Have you dared to travel with your littles? What is your number one destination for traveling with kids? h

xo, Em.

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