Cold Weather Favorites for Baby

With the days becoming ever shorter and the temperatures dropping more & more by the day, we are in winter prep mood here. Antwerp’s climate is fairly similar to Amsterdam, very damp & chilly but minimal snow. We pretty much stay between 30-40 all winter long. So while it isn’t “oh my gosh I can’t breath” freezing like other parts of the world (I spent a winter in Minnesota YIKES!) it is definitely cold enough that we need the right gear to keep Mark warm.

Living in the city center means we do lots of walking outside, even in cold weather. We either use our carrier or stroller to run most of our errands, like the grocery store, the pharmacy, shopping, and some play groups. Needless to say, keeping Mark cozy in cool damp weather is a must. I’ve rounded up our five favorite staples for those heading outdoors with little ones in damp cool climates.




  • A Full Body Bunting. Since we often carry Mark in the Ergo 360, we wanted a body suit to keep him toasty warm. Hanna Andersson is one of our go to brands and we loved their buntings for winter. This piece is also reversible which I love and combines fleece and jersey cotton for extra comfort and warmth! PS – It is currently on sale & their sizing is generous so you’ll get a lot of use.
  • Mittens for Baby. These mittens are easy to put on and have a nifty little string to thread though the coat to make sure if your little one manages to get them off, you don’t loose them on the street. And the bright colors make it easy to see they are still on those tiny hands!
  • A Stylish Winter Coat. When we aren’t carrying Mark this coat keeps him warm in the stroller & is so fashionable. This Mayoral coat in classic navy goes with everything and how cute are the toggles! I mean, come on 🙂
  • A Winter Hat. Sometimes the weather calls for a warmer winter hat. This one from H&M is super cute & affordable! We also have a light blue pom pom hat that I absolutely love but I can’t seem to remember where we bought it from!
  • Baby Boots. While I keep Mark in Freshly Picked shoes on a daily bases (read more about our love for Freshly Picked here), I wanted a pair of boots for the winter so I could tuck Mark’s pants into them and know his skin wouldn’t be exposed to the elements. These have worked well and Mark is fascinated by the shoe laces. They definitely come off easy once he has undone the laces but thankfully he hasn’t tried that yet while we are out and about!



Now that we have our winter weather staples ready, it is on to working on Mark’s First Christmas outfits! Stay tuned for our Holiday Wear Guide coming soon! What are your must have items for baby in the winter?

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