Mark’s Medicine Cabinet

When Mark got the stomach flu I realized our medicine cabinet was not adequately stocked for baby. We of course had an infant fever-reducer / pain-killer on hand, but that was really the only “medicine” we had. After our trip to urgent care, we realized we needed to stock up on a few more staples to have on hand incase Mark came down with a stomach virus or any other illnesses that required home treatment. So as we enter cold & flu season, I’m sharing what’s in Mark’s nursery medicine cabinet.

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Books for Baby: Our Favorite Nursery Reads

Let’s talk baby books. I can’t tell you the number of articles I’ve read or heard how important it is to read to your little. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to read to Mark every day. It is so fun watching him “listen” as we read him different stories. In the beginning we just read to him at bedtime but now that he is engaged & more interested, we’ve incorporated story time into playtime too! So far, we’ve been sticking to board books as Mark is still very rough on the pages. Baby’s read with their mouths right?!

While Mark is too young to have a preference, my husband and I definitely have some strong opinions when it comes to baby books. We’ve read our fair share of stories that have left us thinking “whattttt.. how does that make any sense” lol! So, we’ve refined our books for Mark and are sharing our favorite five books for building babies bookshelves! 

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Nugget’s Nursery Tour

Our nugget’s nursery is definitely my favorite room in our little apartment. I love its clean design with subtle hints of blue. Not to mention it has the best natural light with those oversized windows looking into the courtyard. It is such a bright happy space 🙂

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