Books for Baby: Our Favorite Nursery Reads

Let’s talk baby books. I can’t tell you the number of articles I’ve read or heard how important it is to read to your little. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to read to Mark every day. It is so fun watching him “listen” as we read him different stories. In the beginning we just read to him at bedtime but now that he is engaged & more interested, we’ve incorporated story time into playtime too! So far, we’ve been sticking to board books as Mark is still very rough on the pages. Baby’s read with their mouths right?!

While Mark is too young to have a preference, my husband and I definitely have some strong opinions when it comes to baby books. We’ve read our fair share of stories that have left us thinking “whattttt.. how does that make any sense” lol! So, we’ve refined our books for Mark and are sharing our favorite five books for building babies bookshelves! 



On the Night You Were Born. My personal favorite. This was the first book I read to Mark when we brought him home from the hospital. I just purchased these two books (here and here)  written by the same author and am excited to give them a go!

I Like It When. A sweet short story about doing thing together with your little. It covers daily activities like trying new foods, dancing, and holding hands.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. We were gifted this book and just took it out. It is an interactive read with noises you would hear on a construction site. Mark really has been enjoying this one! Though as it is loud and exciting, we keep this one for playtime, not bedtime.

Little Blue Truck. A great read and will be an excellent way to teach Mark when he is a bit older the value of helping other and friendship

Goodnight New York City. Any New York Mamas (especially those who have moved out of the city) definitely needs this one. A great “tour” of NYC for little ones in a bedtime story. If you aren’t a New Yorker, but sure to check out some of the other fun variations like Goodnight Beach or Goodnight Train! We have Goodnight Beach at my parents house as they live at the beach!

We are also absolutely loving the Baby Ben series but they don’t publish them anymore! My mom lent us them (which she kept from 1990!!) and we adore the books. They are perfect for little ones, seriously someone should bring these back!



What are your favorite stories to read to your little ones!?

xo, Em


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