Baby’s First Bite Essentials

Our food journey has just begun and I am already so happy with the supplies we gathered for our baby’s first bite! Before we picked up our feeding essentials. Brett and I spent time deciding on our solid food approach. We decided to give Baby-Led Weaning a go but remained completely open to switching to spoon feeding if Mark didn’t take to it. Thankfully he has – with great success – and I am so happy we gave this feeding style a go!

For those of you unfamiliar with Baby-Led Weaning, it involves allowing your child to feed themselves the same “real” food you eat around 6 months old. You skip the pureed spoon feeding entirely and jump straight into real “finger” food. Needless to say, letting a 6 month old feed themselves is messy, VERY messy. Typically we have Mark eat naked (unless it is a “non-messy” snack) and dinner time is followed immediately with bath time. Below I’ve rounded up our must have gear essentials for BLW with a 6 month old! 



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Starting Solids Gear Checklist:

  • An easy to clean high chair. We decided on the 4Moms High Chair and I LOVE it! Lots of BLW moms swear by the Ikea one but I wanted something a bit more sturdy & “nicer” looking in our home. The 4Moms high chair is modern, has 3 adjustable heights, is super easy to clip on the tray (hello magnetic alignment!) and is still ultra simple to clean. In fact, the inner cushion is machine washable and the tray has a protective cover which is dishwasher safe.
  • An EZPZ Mat. Actually, you may want multiple of these. We place Mark’s food directly on this mat and it helps keep the food on the highchair as the mat “sticks” to the tray. We started off with just one, but as they are dishwasher safe, decided we needed a few to avoid having to hand wash them multiple times a day or go without them for meals which usually results in a bigger mess.  I highly recommend picking these up from Nordstrom as have amazing neutral colors I haven’t seen elsewhere! We just picked up Pewter & Grey and I can’t wait to start using them!
  • This spoon. I’m not sure what it is about the OlaBaby spoon but Mark is amazing at feeding himself with it at 6 months old. He is borderline obsessed with this spoon and it does double as a great teether! The OlaBaby starter spoon is substantially shorter then others on the market making it much easier for him to get the food into his mouth. I also love that it is made of food grade silicone! Even if you are spoon feeding I highly recommend this spoon.
  • Bibs. And More Bibs. We love the Bumkins Waterproof Bibs. They are stain and odor resistant, pack up tiny to fit in a diaper bag, have an effective front pocket to catch dropped food, and are machine washable. While I love the look of our soft cotton Aden + Anais bibs, I’m learning a few foods – bananas, peaches, and pears stain them so fast without immediate washing! I now save those for cleaner snacks (like cucumber sticks or rice cakes!) and use the waterproof ones when things get messy at mealtime!
  • A splash mat. You’ll want something to cover the floor so when food goes flying (which, it definitely will!) things are a bit easier to clean up. We like Bumkins Splash Mat as they have prints that match our home decor and are large enough to cover Mark’s tossing distance (so far!).



We have all been having so much fun on Mark’s solid food journey so far! I’ll be doing another post on Mark’s favorite foods and our success with BLW in the coming weeks! What are your must have feeding supplies for baby?!

xo, Em.

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    1. Glad it was helpful. It is such a fun journey, you’ll have a blast! I start by preloading a spoon and putting it on his plate. I let him pick it up himself and decide if he wants to use it or just eat with his hands. He recently starting hitting it on his plate when it is empty – maybe once he has managed to accidentally scoop something up himself – but we take the hitting as a sign he wants more and load up the spoon. Other people I know offer the spoon empty and let their babies go at it themselves, it is totally up to you!

      1. I don’t mind a bit of mess so I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun! Ah okay that makes sense, we will have to try a bit of both. Haha bless him, knows how to get what he wants!