Baby Gear: Our Favorite Four Items

I spent many months researching baby products and prepping for our little one. As a first time mom, all I could do was hope what we picked would be enjoyed by Mark & actually useful. With thousands of baby products on the market, it can be hard to tell what products will work. I relied heavily on reviews, blogs, and forums when narrowing down my list of purchases. I also tried my best to follow a responsible consumerism mindset, paying for products that would simplify our lives and benefit our little one even when that meant going with a more expensive option. After 20+ weeks of testing, using, and reviewing our baby products, I’ve rounded up our four favorites “big ticket” items! 

1) DockATot Deluxe –  single handedly simplified our lives. It’s portable, provides a safe space for baby, ultra cozy, and is invaluable in the sleep department. Mark started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old & transitioned to his crib with ease and I have this product to thank. It has also been an absolute lifesaver when we travel (it fits in a large checked suitcase) as I feel much safer with Mark sleeping in the Dockatot/Sleepyhead instead of directly on a hotel crib mattress. While it’s not cheap, I highly recommend picking up an extra cover as the product is unusable while you are laundering it and it is hang dry only. I picked up an extra cover in Europe and couldn’t be more thankful I did. Note: If you live in Europe this product is sold by Sleepyhead.

Version 2

Version 2

2) Owlet Monitor – extra peace of mind every night. Every since we brought Mark home he has slept with his Owlet sock, which monitors his heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the night. I sleep much easier knowing Owlet will alert us if Mark’s levels were ever to change outside of the normal range. In fact, I was more nervous the nights we spent in the hospital (even with the nurses nearby) than I was having Mark home for the first time! It was so comforting knowing Owlet was keeping an eye on my baby as I tried to get some rest myself. We usually sleep Mark in footied pajamas and the Owlet fits in them perfectly. When it is warm and he wears shorts, we pop a sock over it to prevent it from falling off. PS – We have the original Owlet, the newer version has a slightly different style sock. 


3) UPPAbaby Vista Strollerthe perfect investment stroller for a growing family. With it’s sleek design, ability to collapse with one hand, multiple seating configurations (it comes with a bassinet & rumble/toddler seat), and ability to clip on an infant car seat, it is hard not to love this stroller. As we are currently living in Europe, I can also confirm it has great suspension & super sturdy tires that survive the cobblestone streets. And the oversized basket makes it so simple to fill up with groceries on outings. We love how the Vista will continue to expand as our family does with the option to purchase additional pieces to handle multiple children!


4) Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrieryour hands-free, stroller-free solution for housework & travel. Once Mark reached 3 months we started using the Ergo 360 baby carrier and have been loving it ever since! The structured carrier provides far more support then a soft baby wrap and it’s easy to adjust making it simple for Brett and I to take turns carrying Mark. I love being able to transport Mark stroller-free particularly in Europe when cities, shops, and eateries aren’t always stroller friendly. We opted not to purchase the infant insert and used a soft baby wrap (I love my Solly Wrap!) for the first few months until Mark grew big enough to use the 360 without any insert. Update: Ergo just released their new carrier, the Omni 360 which no longer requires an insert for newborns.


What are your must have baby gear items?

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