18 for 2018

A new year & a fresh start. There is something so refreshing about January 1st. Out with the old and in with the new. A time for new goals, planning the next adventure, and a time to imagine what the new year will bring. Of course, life always has its own plan, but I like to pretend I have some control over it. I spent the past few days working up what I want to accomplish in this year. With 2018 starting with a bang (read: transatlantic move & buying our first home in less then a month), I have no doubt 2018 will be one to remember. I’ve rounded up 18 goals/resolutions/aspirations (call them what you wish) that I want to achieve this year.

“The List”

Take twenty. With a mobile munchkin it is hard to find “me” time. I’m promising myself twenty minutes of devoted me time to.. do whatever I want that day. Every single day. 

Floss daily. Yes, it is that simple.

Less house, more home. With the purchase of our first home (& lots of home furnishings) on the horizon, I want to stay focused and invest in quality pieces that will bring memories into our home and not worry about filling & decorating every inch of the home.

Re-learn to like yogurt. I have such a hate-love relationship with it.

Go on a date with Brett. Yes, we are “those” people who since their child has been born have not been on a date just the two of us. Of course, we have dined on the Amalfi Coast, consumed way to much fondue in Switzerland, and snacked on schnitzel in Austria so I’m not complaining BUT I think it is definitely time for the two of us to enjoy a dinner without our (adorable) third wheel.

Try one new recipe each month. Once we move into our new home, I’m determined to become a bit more adventurous in the kitchen.

Get Mark on a (better) sleeping routine. Travel, jet-lag, & an upcoming move have resulted in some necessary, but not desirable sleeping habits. 2018 will be our year for better sleep!

Drink more water. A few Swell water bottles each day.

Try new hair style techniques. With my hair recovered from that lovely postpartum hair loss, I’m ready to learn to curl, spin, & bun my locks into something fun, yet simple for daily wear.

Clean out my closet. This may seem easy, but in Belgium, trash collection is very strict. It is incredibly challenging to toss large quantities of unwanted clothing. I’ve been waiting two years to properly go through my closet and the time is nearly here!

Learn to shoot photos in manual. I got a new Nikon for Christmas and hope by the end of 2018 to be fully (capable) of shooting in manual settings.

Hit 10,000 steps 5x a week. 

Create a new family tradition. We had a few fun, simple traditions growing up that I always looked forward to. With our little family settling into a new routine in the US this year, I want to establish a new tradition for us. I’m not sure if it will be something related to Christmas or birthdays or “just” Thursday family game night, but I want to find something that fits us.

Stay present. With big life changes happening every year, I want to focus on staying in the moment and focusing on what is happening now.

Track our daily expenses. One of the biggest benefits we receive as expats is additional income. Returning to the US means we are back to being on a budget. While I know it won’t be perfect the first year, I want to actually track our expenses so we can better plan for the future.

Check off one US destination from our bucket list. We won’t be traveling nearly as much once we are back stateside, but Brett and I love exploring new places and want to continue to prioritize a little adventure in our lives!

Get outside (almost) everyday. Weather pending of course.

Find joy every damn day. They say the days are long but the years short when you are a parent. Even on those extra long days (which, heck today may even be one of them lol), I hope I always find that moment of joy.

Oh! And our little’s family member, mister Mark, also put together some resolutions for 2018 🙂 They went something like… eat more. sleep less. play harder. fall softer. grow taller 🙂

What do you have in store for 2018? Any resolutions or goals in your household?

xo, Em.


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